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    i had my "little china girl" on a aluminum hard tail mtn bike. what a stress case, the frame would flex all the ended snapping twice the left rear mounting bolt the one closest to the took a edm machine to fix the hole. so i remounted the 80cc to a high-tensil rigid mtn bike, so much better.just to much torque and vibration from china girl.also i took a small steel bar and connect it from frame to the long bolt used for the chain guard mount/clutch acuater.its like rock.

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    Welcome to the forum, Ziggy.
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    Okay, now you have me worried. My HT is on a cheap Walmart bike ($66). The roads to and from town in any direction are very rough and about 5-7 miles. Can I at least expect a few years?
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    vibrating china girl

    :tt1:its good to be home.i've got probably about 1500 miles on the little girl.she runs great.
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    flapdoodle, I'm no authority but it's my belief that even cheap bikes are acceptable if ridden slowly. I sure hope so because I'm riding one too.

    But anything can happen so you'll want to keep an eye on it. your rough roads won't help.

    On rides of any length I average about 12 mph. It doesn't feel as though my bike is under any terrible strain.
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    welcome, mr. bowey! big fan of your music. :grin5:. aluminum does have that drawback, unfortunately. sorry to hear it.

    :eek:fftopic:the important thing, is your frame aluminum or steel? even walmart bikes do well, as long as they're steel, and the welds are good.:eek:fftopic:
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    Just ride it like you stole it !!!!!!

    If it breaks - it breaks

    no guts no glory !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Well I ride the :9898: out of my bike. Probably averaged.... 20 1-2 mile trips per day for almost 2 years before I noticed the problem. That bike has been through a lot. The fix wasn't too hard at all- there are pics of the repair somewhere around here.

    I hate to say it, but most bicycles weren't designed to have a motor installed. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't motorize your bike... Just means that you should take certain precautions and not be surprised when your frame breaks...