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Feb 14, 2008
Twin Cities, Minnesooootah. Ya', schure
Hey Graucho, we don't see nearly enough of your work around these parts. You include little dribs and drabs but how about some content!

This was a reply in a different thread. I thought Id respond. mabman, I guess the question is justified.
I always thought I was somewhere in the middle. Gave more than some, not as much as others.

I've been a member here for 10 months. I am realitivly new to DIY motorized bicycles. It took me 4 months to read through and
study 30% of the posts here at MBc. I've built 10 Basic frame MB's (7 before I joined here) and I currently have 4. (1 china, 1 GEBE, 1 staton,
1 big tire chopper.)

My expertise in life has been in pickup street rods, mini choppers, full size choppers, drag bikes, backyard mechanical inventing,
small engine repair, hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen motorcycle induction, and every aspect of homebuilding. So.......

For 35 years my talents/strength apply to most things "without pedals". I am in the process of learning as much about MB's then integrate
my master mini chopper/full size chopper building skills and blend (transform) them into the Motored bicycle World. This takes time since
bicycles are not my first love. But integrating motorcycles with 49cc 30mph bicycles does raise an eyebrow.

There are so many avenues to take. I have a love for big tire choppers so i'm designing drive train/engine/jackshaft setups "with" pedals and big tires.
I am an extremely private person, and don't know or trust anyone online. I only personally know 2 people here. I lay low since so many are
negative if you think way outside of the box. If you disagree i'll show you 15 members who left to the other site.

Every human being is different. You would be correct if you say i'm "not normal". I stay up for 3 days because my mind wont shut down.
I then crash hard for 24 hrs. I totally believe if I can imagine it I can figure a way to do it. (with or without proven science I don't give a ****).

So In a nutshell.... Being extremely private, I will only "include little dribs and drabs" while learning. While creating something DIY "with"
pedals that's spectacular.

I enjoy popping in and out throughout the day to learn, converse, share a bit, and hang with people that are keeping me interested in MB's.
Thanks for being here. graucho


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Glad to see yet another NEXT Mountain Ridge. They're sweet riding bikes for the price.


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Jun 19, 2008
I lay low since so many are
negative if you think way outside of the box. If you disagree i'll show you 15 members who left to the other site.

I agree 100%. I know what you mean all the way.

To heck with normal, we're here on this Earth to enjoy and further our own lives to the fullest, not limit ourselves to what other "norms" others try to place on us!!!

Outside the box for life!!!!

Graucho, we need more folks like you around here.

Happy Riding,


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Apr 17, 2008
north bend wa.
hi graucho, i remember when that group jumped ship. we have members that jump back and forth as i do. most everybody has something stimulating to offer after they settle in. it seems some choose to dominate with personal views on politics, religion and a small world view that usually would be better placed in some other forum. i enjoy being just a tad different. thanks for your look at the hobby. happy new year. mitch


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Sep 9, 2008
Shell Lake, Wisconsin
I have little knowlege of small engines. Im here learning also. I just like riding MBs and listening to others who share the love.

Your lucky, with your past experience your learning rate will be a lot faster than mine. I also looked at your post's history and it looked like you've said plenty. Yet I do feel that you have a lot more knowledge than you let out. :D