Clutch little power, engine stall when clutch disengaged

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    sorry if this issue has been addressed before... I've been searching for a thread but can't find one.

    Here's the setup: New 48cc motor from mounted on a standard cruiser frame. I can get the engine to start, and i can get it to throttle up a tiny bit if I twist to full throttle, but it is very weak and will not continue running if I stop pedalling the bike. Also, it doesn't want to run on its own power and stalls out as soon as I disengage the clutch.

    I am thinking this is a simple fuel supply issue, but maybe something else is going on? Any suggestions?

  2. Hold down the tickler till gas flows out and on the ground then try again. Your float may be set too low. And even though it's a new unit something could be restricting your flow in the carburetor. It just sounds like to me that your choke is on. Your choke should be in the down position for full flow no restriction. Choke up for cold starting then bring it down. This choke advise is Romper room I know but you gotta look at everything.
  3. Did you clean your tank before installation? I DID and after 1/2 a tank the screen in petcock plugged up with what didnt come out the first time, then the gas just barely trickles out.
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    Thank filipino, Ive pretty much tried those things at this point, inlcuding setting the choke at fully open, fully choked, and various places in-between. (Much like my old lawn mower engine...)

    I don't think this is an electrical problem since the engine does start and runs, but with some difficulty, and then stalls out after a few seconds.

    Misteright, I cleaned the tank, added a secondary in-line filter, and have since pulled apart everything, including the carburetor, to look for particulates or other blockages. Fuel does seem to be coming out at a trickle. Possibly a vacuum issue? Other people have suggested drilling a pinhole in the gas cap to improve fuel flow.
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  5. Before you do that,run it with the cap off and see if that does it.
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    Problem solved! It was electrical after all. I bipassed the kill switch and presto, BIG difference. I think am going to install something like an ignition key anyway, so no big deal about the kill switch.
  7. Good Deal......
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    I am glad that you got passed that issue.

    You have to figure out why that kill switch wiring was grounding out though. A keyed switch swap won't fix that likely.

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    Ohh well,looks like i'm too late as usual but it's good that this was resolved happily.....ride fourth young elcalvo. :)
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    Eco, I'm guessing there's an issue with the kill switch itself, since the motor runs beautifully now. But I'm going to do a little testing just to make rule out a grounding issue as you suggested.

    Thanks for the link filipino. Adding an in-line switch on the blue wire is exactly what I had in mind.