Little things affect us all

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by troyg, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. troyg

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    Over 40 yrs? Notice how electronics don't seem to last as long, since around 1999? Check your motherboard before you chuck that PC/TV/Monitor, if you have the skills (and more importantly TIME) you can probably fix it.

  2. jaguar

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    I would of been nice if you'd of let us in on your secret of what the 40 years was in reference to
  3. HeadSmess

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    probably age...

    hell, im not that old i notice electronics has gone downhill. i blame lead free solder. horrible muck.

    got a 1970's radio control setup, still works fine, whereas the $900 computer radio thats six years old, been used for five minutes max, is dead despite just sitting in a box...

    when my motherboard fried caps it wasnt the component quality at fault...more of an allergy to energy drinks :jester:
  4. darwin

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    My 1st microwave bought about 85 lasted 20 years, now I'm lucky if they last 2 or 3. Same with coffee pots, lucky if they last a year now.
  5. troyg

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    No offense, but your lack of deductive reasoning tells me you don't have or use an oscilloscope or soldering station, so don't concern yourself.
  6. HeadSmess

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    yay, silly scope!

    ok,in that regard,new stuff rocks. yes,ido lovers my 1967 all tube silly scopes, but when it comes to general, digital,autoranging,4MHz...

    almost scored a new puter for the workshop... an original commo 64:) still working fine, just try and find software. stupid compatibility! that 1970s RC set of mine, i can go to any hobby shop and buy new servos, new batteries, everythings still the same standards... these days, its a hard task to find a puter with a parallel port! blah blah blah, cant plug my mill into an ipad...
  7. troyg

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    Oh I'm with ya, I love the ease of programability, and the size of things, UNTIL I have to change a resistor on a SMT board, two hours with a tiny curcuit under a magnifyer makes me long for an old hand built curcuit board.I think all the "non-backwards-compatability" is a money maker that companies didn't think through, they would actuall make MORE money in the long run if everything was compatable and supported, oh well, that ship sailed long ago_Off off topic, does the old RC radio have any interference probs?
  8. butre

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    I've only ever had caps go bad a few times, usually I find when I open something up there's a cold solder joint somewhere that's finally worked it's way loose. that's especially the case with things like guitars where it's all point to point wiring.
  9. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    nope. no interference that ive glitching, no hunting... old futaba, built like a brick, well, ok, an alloy out house :) think it was the first of the FM 36MHz models. only hard part to find is the crystals, and thats less of a concern these days anyway with auto selection and a collection of old bits... having a self tuning receiver in at least two models brings home how good certain aspects of modern electronics are :)

    i have had to replace the pots, they did wear out at one point....

    can i also mention that the new 4mhz silly scope weighs about 500 grams, whereas the old tube...the twin trace weighs in at about 35kg...

    if apple had made the ipad/phone compatible with something as archaic as the be their biggest supporter.

    as it is, all my experience just makes me hate them all the more, without having ever owned any of their devices :)

    weeee, apple invaders! bip bip bipbip... pffft, call of duty...who needs that when you can have invaders?

    mmmm, point to point wiring...
  10. troyg

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    Yup, I still fly with 72Mhz futaba t6xas', fantastic range, so I have an exposed antenna.Talk old stuff, my old Heathkit rc set up, needed a 70" wingspan just to lift the RX and servos.If you want to see beauty (electronics wise) look at the 90's digital recorders by a guy named John Paul Bertsch (vestax V8, Bertsch DRP32), hand built computers for audio recording, the layout and wire management were/are truly beautiful, of course he took too much pride in his work, the bottom line couldn't compete with the giants, and he went under.
  11. KCvale

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    How literally little things affect us I agree is getting worse.

    Little buttons, little text, and little patience are not a good combination for those of us with tired eyes and fat fingers.

    Back in the early days components weren't running at the atom flow level, everything was larger and more stable.
    And ya, I was an electronics geek too, had a Tektronics 4120 dual trace scope and digital meter that had a readout the size of the original LED watches hehehe ;-}

    I don't have a cell phone and only use one in an emergency.
    If I have to go find my glasses to read the 5 lines of cooking instructions because the company choose to make it fine print so they promote something else I fire off an e-mail to them.

    Screw small, I want big easy to use and reliable.
  12. HeadSmess

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    my missus never whinges about things being too small...