"Little Whizz" My first build from Bloomington, Indiana

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    "Little Whizz" 1978 Stingray. My first build from Bloomington, Indiana

    Hi. This is my first build.


    Frame: 1978 Schwinn Stingray Scrambler

    Wheels: 20'' 48 spoke coaster brake

    Tires: Kenda 20 X 1.95 tires

    Pedal Drive: 34 T front 18 T rear

    Engine: Rubber Mounted Grubee Starfire 50cc (48 cc) Slant head

    Engine Drive: 11 T Front 36 T rear with 415 chain and no tensioner

    Tank: Stock 1/2 Gallon

    Spark Plug: NGK B6HS (So much better than the stock plug)

    Spark Plug Wire: Napa Fiber Wire

    Now has 78.2 miles on it.

    I used to put cards in my spokes as a kid to make it sound like a motorcycle. Now my childhood dream has come to life.

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  2. sajoe

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    Vey Cool! More Pic's?
  3. Deadairshow

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    Build Photos of "Little Whizz"

    Photos of the build process

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  4. sajoe

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    Thanks I love the way the motor fills the space make it really look good.
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