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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member


    Live Fast Motors is the oldest and largest dealer of motorized bicycle kits in the USA. Find gas powered bicycle motors and parts for all of your motorized bicycle plans. Live Fast Motors is a motorized bicycle dealer in Arizona.

    24208 South Briarcrest Drive
    Sun Lakes Arizona USA

    (801) 830-8465

    Other Names: CJR Imports
    Products: Gas powered bicycle motors and parts for all of your motorized bicycle plans.
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  2. great service

    We bought a bargain basement kit from LiveFastMotors on eBay. It was cheap- something like $130. The engine looks good so far- it was covered in a yellowish film that washed right off with some acetone. Polishing the covers was easy. I haven't gotten it on the bike yet so we'll see how it runs.

    Customer service is fantastic. we emailed him about some missing nuts and bolts, to be informed that this kit didn't come with them but he offered an upgraded sprocket and mounting hardware for way below cost.

    Shipping from eBay was slightly slow but the package arrived in less than 2 weeks.

    So far I'm very happy with the product and service.

    I will update this post after we see how it runs.

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    I was going to edit my previous post to include my update but maybe I'm missing the edit link?
    I'm very happy with the kit. So far I've worked out the starting kinks, man were my legs sore, pedaling an OCC StingRay is like pedaling a tank. Engine runs really well. This weekend I plan on doing a couple of 20 mile or so rides into some scenic areas and we'll see how she does... Engine roars to life after a try or two, sputters and smooths out and then she goes. I've done a total of 10 miles or so on the engine so I'm still int eh stretching out and worry period as I call it. I'll update again when I get 100 miles or so on the engine.

    I'm keeping the cell phone on hand.

    LIke I said above, I'm a happy and impressed customer and I'll be back for more.
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  3. I buy kits from LIVEFASTMOTORS and have seen the add for the bottom of the barrel kits in all reality they have been sitting awaiting shipment since Don and the friend he sent a few kits too (in the US) figured out that the reason these fit so dang funny is that they were intended for a 40 spoke wheel not the Us standard 36 spokes. I was infiormed of the 5 spoke problem on this red tag kit when I bought one to try them out. I already had had a 9 hole and wanted the gear he ended up upgrading the kit through the midst and I got a 60cc speedster kit instead but ... point being I seen the add and it said that there was a catch to the low price and when I addressed this he told me about the 5 hole gear needing special care to make it work.

    Ive since ordered 3 of their premium Engine kits and a Refurbisher he said owe me if it runs and sent me a complete top end and centrifugal clutch 70cc Tiger in good faith. The Guy you talked to is the one that ususlly runs its father too clear up any of the reason there may have been some service not offered.

    Im exclusively working with the father and he's a very fair guy and a cracked throttle on a kit was replaced in 2 days priority? I dont know how but he did it. I beleive it was $10 shipping. Pretty cool. Well I hope that Engine kit goes together nicely. The pipes need heated and bent for front mount tube Due to the stroke kits larger half.

    I have purchased 3 and installed 2 of these (kits 60cc Speedster). Like thier Big Brother The Tiger Brand ones...They are a Mid to High end Engine With the Cruise Speed at the mid low end of the power band at 18 - 27 mph and the upper band too 34 mph easilly acheived. The 60cc has to pull a little harder but I can tell these are tuff engines so no worry.Oh Ive Disected one of each and the lower endon the Tiger is Needle Big$%^ Needle bearings. Ibeleive they both had a Jap Main set 6203 or somewhere there. If chinese they were great bearings that said. These are a little better engine than your average softer metal chromed aluminum alloy engine these cylinders appear to have all been Pot metal Heavey and hard with tonal quality to the cooling fin when you flick them. the real deal steaal barrel boys. I think they are still Chromed. Its important to know this because if you rebuild a 2 stroke HT Engine you cant use chrome on chrome ..they stick and the other sleaving styles arent used so I dont recommend chrome rings unless youve found an un chromed (new) or older starfire engine with a steel sleeve!

    CJR Imports Staff has been friendly Know what they are talking about, and have been honest dealing with. For what its worth I get these 60s once a week. I might end up just going to the 48ccers for DUI and non liscensed patrons(Customers) and 70cc tiger Brand Engines for the Customer who wants the extra hill climbing torque and could register it if need be..Ya know. The 60 Still wouldnt be a loss iff you have to register it cause they will pull 35 (Back road jont speed) with a 36 tooth , IE' All of which are CJR Products

    Hold on tight is all i have to say!
    I've been building with the 48cc round head, 60 Speedster, and the 70cc Tiger and these are the better of the good ones from china. HEH YEAH HOLD ON. I had a guy test ride a 60cc ported Speedster (325 lbs) he came back wide eyed and sayed wow did'nt think it'd pull me that good Ill buy it. the 70cc'er pulls even harder .. real go getters! Friendly Support and transaction!
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  4. D_M

    D_M Member

    I purchased:

    3 Inch Rear XL Motor Mount With Studs
    Muffler/ Exhaust-Long (Custom Chopper Fit)

    The mount came quickly, and is basically a block of metal. It had a little bit of what we'd call "flash" when I built models as a kid, but it does what it is supposed to do, and made my engine clear my chainguard.

    The muffler pipe feels cheaper than the standard muffler that came with my Dax kit, but I ended up placing it between a pipe and a wall in my basement and bending it to fit, so maybe that was a good thing. I scratched some of the chrome off while bending it, but I planned to paint it BBQ black anyways. It came packed in a cardboard box with a just a few scraps of shredded newspaper, but arrived undamaged.

    The only thing weird about this purchase was that I went to their site, which indicates that they take PayPal. As far as I could tell, there was no way to place an order on-line. I see from this thread that they also sell on eBay, so maybe that is where they use PayPal. I ended up calling and giving my credit card number to a man who took the order. He was nice, but you get no confirmation or anything doing it this way.

    Overall, I was satisfied and got what I needed. Adding on-line ordering (or a link to an eBay store) would be a plus.
  5. beachcruiser

    beachcruiser Member

    Clamshell Adapter

    I purchased a clamshell Adapter Item # CSS (SMALL) AND A
    44 TOOTH Rear Sprocket. I installed it on an Eagle/ Velocity
    26" Rear Wheel with fourteen gauge stainless straight spokes
    for a seven or eight or nine speed multi speed
    It was a perfect fit with out using the shims provided
    Good service and answers e mail
  6. cpuaid

    cpuaid Member

    I have purchased 3 friction drive kits from Livefast Motors. (2) 4-cycle kits and a 2-stroke kit. (1) of the 4-cycle kits became hard to start after 2 weeks and eventually was impossible to start for a week. Emails to the vendor were not replied. Now the only way it will start is with a couple of squirts of starting fluid in the carb. the second 4-cycle kit would not disengage the clutch. disassembled the clutch assembly and re-lubed with oil-less lubricant and finally worked the clutch loose. the 2-cycle kit snapped the threaded roller to clutch drum assembly. They are shipping me a replacement after sending them $5 for shipping fee. I guess you get what you paid for.
  7. V 35

    V 35 Member

    Bought the small clamshell hub, Looks good, easy to install, great service, fast shipping. One little bugger ... Did not fit supplied Rag Joint sprocket, this was a
    vague area. Ordered 48 tooth sprocket, free shipping, came in 2 days ! Fit fine.

    I would recommend Live Fast offer a combo kit, Hub * and * sprocket.

    I recommend the Live Fast Clamshell hub, looks like an affordable way to a safe bike.
  8. spad4me

    spad4me Member

    I bought a 40 c 2stroke engine with 76 mm clutch, gas tank, kill switch, and thumb throttle for $101 delivered in a couple of days. I am very happy with my purchase.
    It has already been heat treated for two days and is going on a Bmp friction drive kit to make a complete friction rive set up for around $200.00 dollars.