Live in Florida? All you need to know is here

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    Yes dudes if you live in Florida and have a GAS powered Motorized Bike it now is considered a Motor Vehicle and you can get a tag for it. All you need to know is at this link here


    For those without a Drivers License having a Tag is better than nothing and certainly wil call less attention to you when you ride without the DL if you have a Tag.

    The history of all of this can be summed up very easily.
    Once upon a time a ELECTRIC bike was not considered a Motor Vehicle so no tag or DL was required that still is true
    Then you were able to register your GAS Powered Bike as a Moped. Many of us did.
    Soon after that the DMV eliminated that path with language in DL 10
    Now that language has been removed and RS 68 outlines Specific Procedures for the Individual and the Workers of the DMV in getting a Tad and adding a GAS powered Bike to the list of Motor Vehicles in the State of FLorida.
    Case Closed. OR Getum while you can. You can always transfer a tag once you have it Get it?