LiveForPhysics. 100mph E-bike or bust.

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  1. liveforphysics

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    I'm Luke, AKA liveforphysics.

    I'm a datacenter cooling and power generation engineer from Seattle WA.

    I build racecars, motors, e-bikes, RC helicopters, lasers, and grow coral in saltwater reef aquariums for hobbies.

    Right now I ride a DIY bike that is able to do 14kw continuous. It's gearing limited to 64mph. It's not fast enough for me.

    The new bike build will feature a water cooled Colossus PMBLDC motor driven by a 300amp 100v DIY BLDC controller. The plan is to be the first commuter E-bicycle to reach 100mph.

    I'm not into frock-motor bikes, but I had a ball in Costa Rica riding John's bikes on vacation. :)

    Here is my bike:
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  2. Happy Valley

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    Whoa......some serious e-gineering there friend.
    Welcome with an e-xtreme high five to MBc. I'm sure I'd not be the only one who would like to see more pics of your ride, maybe in the ebike forum and look forward to your future exploits.
  3. liveforphysics

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    Thank you for the warm welcome :)

    Ask and you shall receive. Yes, that's all LiPo packs, enough to do 50kw of power. :)


    I don't know if it's been mentioned over hear much, but I'm also the guy (with a big help from moto-todd who made the custom tool) who does the freewheel spline broaching, so you can have total drivetrain isolation between the motor and pedals, and pedals and motor, all right at the rear hub, so no chain drag or noise when you coast or pedal.


  4. pedalless

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    Where is video of this bike i don't see any linked only costa ricc electric bicycles
    if this is so good a bike you must have alot of video of it. Link to video please
  5. liveforphysics

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    I haven't made any video's with it that I'm happy with sharing. The controllers and hall sensor arrangement on the motors has been temperamental, and I've got the personality type that can't stop taking things apart to tinker and improve them continuously, so it does more sitting in my shop taken apart than riding. lol
  6. SimpleSimon

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    Well, you are a professional engineer, so I'll assume you are applying that expertise to your rides.

    I have a very large concern, though. Have you considered what happens to a bicycle wheel and frame when you hit an obstacle of any sort at 100 mph? Seattle and the surrounding metro area are pretty nice, and mostly reasonably well maintained, but when I was last there in 2006 I encountered a fair number of potholes and heaved pavement slab edges.

    Going down with a taco'ed wheel or sheared frame at 100 mph is serious business. Motorcycles are built of much heavier materials for a very good reason.

    Speed is great fun, but please, keep it safe. It would be a huge pity to waste that level of creativity as a bloody smear on a curb edge.
  7. pedalless

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    I found the thread on endless sphere for this bike

    So you had this bike built for over 12 months and been tinkering and cusomising! What you guys think chance is of lvideo of a 100mph bike if post no 64mph video haha I sure we will hear about his 100mph bike though.
  8. nvrgoingslow

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    you had to use a specialized? make sure you get your tires balanced
  9. liveforphysics

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    You've got something better? Have something against fast bikes?

    As far as I know, I'm the first and only guy to throw a pair (maybe the first to use a single one even?) of the big HXT motors on an ebike in the world. This pioneered the way to many other builds now that use the big HXT motor to make a low budget, lightweight, high performance bike build.

    I broach freewheels for the e-bike guys with tight budgets for free, even paying shipping out of my own pocket just to help get more ebikes on the road.

    Your job here is to heckle or something?
  10. pedalless

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    I have actually i just built a bicycle on the weekend it has a crystallite running on 120v and it does 64mph wanna see it? sorry i have no video i am happy to share i will tinker with it for 12 months and then might have video but no promises. It is pretty slow for me so i think i will also build a 100mph electric bicycle next weekend.