Local News channel covered my bike.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Hoyt's Hellcat, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Hoyt's Hellcat

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    All of us love the attention our bikes seem to create and I am no different. Yesterday I was contacted by a local news channel WDEF in Chattanooga to do a story about how I use my motored bike to save on fuel. I was quick to say yes. You can check it out at www.wdef.com scroll down to the Hoyt's Hellcat title. I've been told there is even a video on there. Thanks for your time. Brian

  2. Cool bike Brian, and awesome video. Keep up the good work........
  3. brett_maverick

    brett_maverick New Member

    Very cool Brian
  4. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    That was a great report That is just the kind of press we need.
  5. That is AWESOME!!
    How's business?
  6. KilroyCD

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    Great news report! It really is the type of good press we are looking for. Hmm, I wonder if a call to WGAL (my local NBC affiliate) might be in order?
  7. pedalpower

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    great press for your new business. now you just need to start a "sturgis" for chopper MBs, ha, and get Rita on a chopper, looks like she's ready to buy
  8. Hoyt's Hellcat

    Hoyt's Hellcat New Member

    I'm too busy as it is. Don't give me any ideas.
  9. pedalpower

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    okay, but how much for the kaiser helmet?
  10. Hoyt's Hellcat

    Hoyt's Hellcat New Member

    Ebay 30 bucks plus freight. Helmet doubles as a weapon and lightning rod.
    Notice how in the video there is a light post behind me that makes it look like I have a strang propeller on my head.
  11. TWalker

    TWalker Guest

    thats awesome dude....you did a great job in front of the camera, not always easy.

    I did a radio interview at an event a couple weeks ago. PR is an art and you did well. Also looks as if we will be in a nice glossy magazine soon.

    heres some pics of that event...oops is that PR? nahhh this is all just fun in here.....:)

  12. jared3377

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  13. Scottm

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    Dude! That's so awesome!:cool: You did a great job.
  14. akyramoto

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    very cool. great coverage. cool bike. although I'd want a fender on the back wheel!! lol
  15. Hoyt's Hellcat

    Hoyt's Hellcat New Member

    The bike actually has a set of fenders. I was in the process of tearing it down to send the frame to the machine shop when I got the call. The ladies asked me if I could meet them the following day on my lunch break. Of course I jumped on the oppurtunity. I was up until 1a.m. the night before putting the thing back in top shape for the shoot. It was the first time I ever rode with out the fenders and water was hitting me all over the face. Fortunately they didn't show any of that.
  16. WOAH. What up with that Mallory Coil?
  17. Marktur

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    Excellent story and video! I sent the link to just about everyone I know...less and less people think I'm crazy lately, too. My clients just laugh - they know I'm a big kid, but they're starting to ask more about it "for their kids". Heh! Yea, right. :)
  18. Hoyt's Hellcat

    Hoyt's Hellcat New Member

    Like I said I work in a speed shop that sells vintage speed equipment. I had some extra decals around so I thought the Mallory decal fit the bike.
  19. sparky

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    Moral dilemma...

    Is it right to mention motored bikes without mentioning motoredbikes.com??
  20. Marktur

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    That's wrong... :)