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    Or maybe a better word is logistics.
    I am at the "install clutch just under brake lever control". Yeah, right! Mine is a multi-speed mountain bike nothing like the pretty clean and unencumbered handlebar in the pix with my instructions. There is no way the clutch will be operable unless I maybe cut away a little strip of my existing handle bar grip (just wide enough for my clutch clamp). It is not ideal but at least I would have room to operate the clutch. otherwise the clutch would be way over toward the center of my handlebars - not an option.
    Does anybody have a visual of what I am trying to relate and is cutting away part of my handle bar grip ok. The only problem i see would be cosmetic, but the cutaway would be filled with the mechanism of the clutch. I really don't see any other way to do it.
    If I'm wrong, somebody please scream STOP to the top of your lungs before this time tomorrow.

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  2. That is one option. The the others are install towards the middle of the bars which you already said were not an option, the other would be to move the front derailler control inwards, remove it entirely (you will rarely use it), or cut the grip....
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    I'm curious- by moving the clutch levers position, wouldn't this encourage the clutch from slipping at some point? Wouldn't they have positioned the lever this way in the first place if it was meant to be that way?
  4. There are so many differnt typeof controls nowadays on bikes, like twist shifters, integrated brake/shifter controls, etc. You have to make it fit your application. I personally agree withwrightmor I would not want it near the center of my handlebars because you use it so often. I took my front derailler of so I was able to remove the left side control for my clutch lever. Moving the clutch lever should not have any effect on it operation, just convience and ease of use....
  5. Sometimes Universally fit means ..Universally fits Nothing.

    Thorstein Veblen Says

    Invention is the mother of necessity.

    So if we need it we will build it.


  6. Excellent quote Bob.......
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    Slide everything inwards. Do your handlebars bevel thicker as they go in? That would be your only problem and even then you can pry or shave to get things in another 1/2 inch.

    The only key decision you have to make is which is more important/takes more hand power to move, the brake lever or the clutch? If the brake is the innermost one you may have to use only a couple fingers to squeeze. Plus you have to decide which one you want "naturally" oriented while the other is somewhat unnatural.