Locked Engine---not!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Flattracker, Dec 5, 2009.

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    Here something that may help some of you. This also works for bad gas non starts.
    This happened to me today,and a few times in the past.

    At times I have had a problem with my engine locking up. You pedal a few times, pop the clutch and then the thing locks up!

    Has this happened to you? Dont panic, it may be something like what happened to me.
    The fuel shut off leak some in not turned completly off.
    The fuel in the line can drain down into the carb/cylinder flooding it, and fouling the plug.

    If your choke if on when you first attempt a start up, it makes the condition worse by pulling up MORE liquid fuel and trying to push it into the already flooded engine.
    As most of you that paid attention in class knows liquid cannot be compressed and as the piston tries to compress it locks up. If your engine has mysteriously locked up try this first.

    1. remove the spark plug
    2. rock bike back and forth with the clutch engaged. If you have not broken anything the engine will begin to rotate.
    3. Remove the head and take a clean rag or paper towel and dry the inside of the cylinder and piston.
    4. clean and dry plug. Or install a new one

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    No need of removing the head. Remove spark plug, rotate crankshaft till the piston is at BDC and let sit. The fuel will evaporate. What I would be of concern is how much fuel if any got past the rings and settled in the crankcase. If I felt this needs to be addressed I peddle the bike like I'm going to start it but without a plug.
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    You're right! I'm just a little impatient and its quicker to remove the head and dry off the piston than let it dry on its own. I have engaged the engine without the plug installed to help dry it though.
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    also known as hydrolocking.
    on occasion, a hydrolocked engine that is turned over, may bend the connecting rod.
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    Why not just remove the plug and crank it a little bit? That'll definitely blow all the gas out of there. Wear old pants and make sure the ignition is totally disconnected first :)