Locking cargo boxes, safes, secure storage

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    This thread is mainly about attaching small safes or lockboxes to your bike, or carrying on bike and locking to your parking point.

    I wonder how you guys secure your valueables, esp if you can't take them into your office, like prohibited items (possibly tobacco if you are on a place where you will get fired for having cigarettes or dip, or firearms if you have carry rights but can't carry at work, just like people who lock their pistols in their automobiles.)

    Here are some ideas
    TSA airline approved gun safe, slim like a CD case, has tether cable

    2 http://image.sportsmansguide.com/dimage/121398_ts.JPG?cell=200,200&cvt=jpeg
    automatic pistol safe, low profile, hard box, bolt mount.

    You can paint these to match your color scheme and be less obvious, esp if mounted pannier style instead of lunchbox style on the back rack.

    You might take other precautions such as tack welding it or mounting your rack with stud glue in the threads (will have to break or cut to remove rack)

    3. http://image.sportsmansguide.com/dimage/144195_ts.JPG?cell=200,200&cvt=jpeg

    Big plastic toolbox/tackle box. Dry storage.