Locking Clutch Lever and Dual pull brake lever - UK Seller

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  1. fastboy9

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    I found a great link on some UK bike shop website, with two perfect handlebar control upgrades.

    One Locking clutch lever

    One Dual pull Brake lever

    I ordered them both and it came to £32 including postage. The levers are very high quality and dont have one bit of plastic on them, just very strong solid steel. I couldnt ask for any better build quality really, quite expensive but are a well worthwhile upgrade for your levers, so you can have nicer clutch control and also be able to pull both brakes in at the same time.

    Heres the link:

    I ordered it on monday morning and it was with me on tuesday morning, you can use paypal to purchase too.

    Hopefully it will help some one out as I know finding these parts are pretty difficult, and then I managed to find them both on the same page!!

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  2. eleseur96020

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    That dual pull brake lever is what i have on my bike. Except i only paid like 15 bucks for it on ebay with buy it now.
  3. B.K. Hosken

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    I just ordered one of the dual brake pull levers, too. However, BlueCollarBike has the throttle/killswitch/dual brake lever ALL TOGETHER in one unit in their "limited" kit engines. I have asked him to let me know if he gets them for sale separately...here's hoping.