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May 26, 2008
Does anyone here lock thier motors to the bike when not in use? Im thinking that while the bike can be secured reasonably someone might just steal the motor. Paranoid yes but alot of $$$$ invested, I thought about using tamper proof bolts or even marring the threads on the end of the bolts but thats not the answer. Ideas or what are your thoughts?...................
If you have a welder you can sure screw up the ends of the threaded studs by melting 'em but of course the entire stud can be removed. (But you will discourage opportunistic thieves with these "mind games").

Road signs around here simply have the hardware smashed with a hammer, screwing up the threading. I would be concerned about accidentally busting the aluminum motor housing doing this with any vigor.

You could round off your nuts with a grinder but vice grips would probably still get them out. Of course you could grind new smaller flats on if you needed to.
I thought about that to. My kit is new and looks pretty!
I used lock tight on all the mounting boltd snd am thinking
about globing JB weld on the bolts so a wrench wont fit.
You can chisel off the jb weld (fairly easy) for your own maintenance
But no easy wrench off.

Im curious what others think to.

From the paranoid bunker.

Also if you had some bar stock you could weld a "bridge" between the motor mount studs; this would paralyze them from vibrating or unscrewing out and also thwart wrenches and sockets from really getting in there for a good grip.
Security Screws

Darwin, There are security screw heads out there that have special heads that a normal set of tools won't release. That might be worth a try... but if I were serious about stealing one of these rigs, I would just bust the bike lock and steal the whole thing... Comforting ain't I????:cool:
I have a 5' chain...if they're going to break it, it's gone...but I will not normally be leaving it "hidden" so I really don't think any bad guys are going to come and dis-assemble my bike in broad daylight. C'mon, if you were going to steal this motor, what the heck are you going to do without the entire bike?

Paranoia will destroy ya... ;)
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I park my bike by a light pole and connect my bike to the AC current by the plug.
It's shocking.