Locktite and fastener torquing

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  1. We recently had a representative from one of the fastener (nuts, bolts etc.) companies give a mini seminar and I found this interesting. I thought you might find this info useful. Locktite has an expiration date! :eek:
    When you use locktite the torque has to be adjusted! :eek: :eek:
    Here is a link to the website that shows the torque tables. The torque has to be reduced when using locktite, anti seize or any other type of lubricant.


    Blue locktite Technical Data Sheet NEW-EN.PDF

    :confused: Now that you are totally confused, the rep said to just reduce the torque by about 30% and you should be OK. I know most of us don't use or even have a torque wrench so here is another fact. Replace any fasteners that have been used...especially ones that have been torqued down really tight. The bolts and nuts stretch and deform and as you are going down the road suddenly SNAP and there goes some important part.I hope this tid bit of information is helpful...Jack