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    Hello, Folks!

    I'm Larry from Cary, North Carolina. I became interested in Garage Hacking bicycles, welding, and other mechanical projects after relocating to N.C. from Louisiana a few years ago. I belong to the Atomic Zombie board as well as the Hobart Welding board. I've built a Tadpole Trike as my second build. I prefer not to talk about my first effort...! On impulse, I bought a little 80cc kit and in looking around I stumbled onto this board. Please allow me to join you and "Lurk" for awhile......... I see that this is a large message board and catching up to who's who and what's what will take awhile...I'm on the road most of the time( I drive a tractor-trailer over-the-road) and my laptop is like me...old and slowwwww!

    I'm undecided as to whether I will set up an old cruiser that I have or build a trike from scratch (modifying an AZ plan). I guess that I'll make that decision after I've read-up on the board some. I own several DF bikes and three Recumbents, a LWB and a SWB and my Trike...this 80cc kit with be my first motored cycle. I am interestd in seeing some finished trikes with motors! I'm 61 and balance issues are on the horizon.......


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    Howdy Larry welcome to the group. If your computer is up to it the Picture gallery has
    about as many bikes as youll find anywhere. You'll get a thousand ideas for your build.
    Enjoy and have fun.
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    hi loco; just your handle insures you will fit in and be welcomed in this here outfit. i drove for 40yrs, mostly in ak, ice roaded a lot. i go to a local ta for lunch often. i've seen a lot of bikes strapped to deck but lately i'm seeing motors on them. i wish i had thought of that at the time. all i ever toted for fun was a pocket fisherman but sushi on the side of the road wasn't bad either. enjoy. mitch