Long Beach, CA Ride Sun April 3rd from El Dorado Park

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  1. BiMoPed

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    Long Beach, CA Ride Sunday April 3rd from El Dorado Park.

    Everyone is invited to come to the biggest motorized bike
    meet and ride in Southern California.

    We are going to be riding from El Dorado park down to
    PCH (Pacific Coast Highway} then all the way south along the ocean
    to Huntington Beach then turn around and ride back to the park.

    About 26 miles total there and back. There is a very wide bike lane
    all the way down PCH.

    Final details are still being worked out and will be announced here soon
    along with a map of the ride.
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  2. BiMoPed

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    A lot of bikes showed up at the last meet at El Dorado park


    Here are a couple of pics from that meet.

    HBLOCAL's and Raully's amazing Felt bikes.

    Hope you guys can make this ride.......Bairdco's 54 mph GPSed
    Colson will be there.
    I think he will hit at least 56 mph on PCH. I know that he is aiming
    for 60mph

    It would be great if everyone who is coming would post in the thread.

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  3. BiMoPed

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    It's only 7 day's until the meet and ride on April Sunday 3rd.

    Weather is saying 30% chance of showers but I ain't worried
    as the 10 day forecast is always way off.

    Meet at 10am to 12 noon

    Ride starts at 12 noon

    The ride map starting from El Dorado park will be added soon.

    Please wear a DOT looking helmet if you are going to ride.
  4. lemont1

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    Where in the park will you be meeting up? I have a few bikes and some friends to ride them so we are looking foward to it. I never worry about the weather!
  5. BiMoPed

    BiMoPed New Member

    Great. I will be posting up a Google map soon.

    We are meeting at El Dorado Park in the free area, coming in off Studebaker, just North of Willow, and South of Spring St.

    there's a turn in at the Tennis Center, on Google Maps it looks like it's called E. Barrios St.

    i think it's the only turn in between Spring and Willow. it'll take you past the skatepark and near some baseball fields where there's free parking in the bottom of the free area.

    so we can meet up there, starting at 10am, hang around awhile, then take off riding at noon. this'll give people a chance to take some pictures, BS, and look over the bikes or whatever. or just show up at noon for the ride.

    we'll go south on studebaker to a right on 2nd/Westminster which will take us to PCH.

    then a left on PCH for a nice 15 or so mile cruise to Huntington Beach.

    there's a Dog Beach as you enter HB with 2 parking lots. i figure we can pull into the second one and wait for any stragglers or break downs to catch up

    this is also a good place to regroup for the ride through Huntington Beach, as traffic, meaning auto, pedestrian and bicycles can get pretty congested, especially if it's a nice day. we can take the lane as a large group and freak everyone out all the way to Beach Blvd.

    we can pull into a beach parking lot there, and i'm pretty sure if we pedal in there'll be no hassles. we asked a parking lot guy on magnolia if he cared, and he said "they look like bicycles to me" so i don't think they'd try to make us pay. if they do, we'll just turn around and 2-smoke him out of his booth... and if they're cool about it, we might be able to do some drag racing in that nice long parking lot.

    the route back is the same thing, only, y'know, backwards.

    we can re-group at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve to have a smoke, whatever.

    as far as food and beverages go, we checked out taco surf and it looks like a logistical problem. not enough bike parking (essentially none at all. there wasn't any room for the cars that were there.)

    Super Mex is a good option, they've got great food, beer, and it's pretty cheap, as well as having a nice big lot. there's also a liquor store and a few other joints to eat if you're not down with super mex and you want a crappy 5 dollar foot long.

    i'll leave it up to the group to decide if you want to eat on the way in or the way back.

    it's about a 30 mile ride, and it's not set in stone.
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  6. motman812

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    I'm down

    The ride down PCH to HB is a good one, I do it all the time. Diabla is rarin' to go.

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  7. BiMoPed

    BiMoPed New Member

    Nice looking bike!
    What is your cruising speed?
    I see that you have the CA moped license plate.

    Thanks very much for the ride route suggestion, great idea. I will plot it out later on Google maps.
  8. motman812

    motman812 Member

    Thanks. With the 1" roller it goes 25 mph at WOT. The $18 and other "street legal" gear suits my risk-reward ratio just fine. Sunday's on PCH always bring many interesting vehicles to see. Should be fun.
  9. Drylakerunner85

    Drylakerunner85 New Member

    SHoot!!! I work on that Sunday!!! going to see if i can work something out and try to get it off!!! do you guys do this every month? looks like a lot of fun! i wanna bring out my new toy!

  10. BiMoPed

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    This is the first meet and ride in Orange County since July 2009.
    There was a meet at El Dorado in June 2009, see the pics in an earlier post.

    There are rides up in Los Angeles and down in San Diego.

    Yes, we are going to be having regular rides in Orange County this year.

    Do you think you could make a 30 mile ride on your bike? Looks painful
    to me.
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  11. BiMoPed

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    Here's a pic taken by yours truly from the pre-ride of Baird and culvercityclassic in El Dorado park where we will be meeting at 10 am

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  12. Drylakerunner85

    Drylakerunner85 New Member

    sweet!!! ill have to come out to one once the time and bike is ready. looks like a harsh ride but its actually quite comfy! lol :grin5:
  13. BiMoPed

    BiMoPed New Member

    Oh come on, you aren't going to make it this Sunday?

    I'm too tall and my arms and legs are too long to fit your bike....
  14. Drylakerunner85

    Drylakerunner85 New Member

    I cant, just found out about the ride last week, i have work from 6am-2pm, plus bike is being reworked :icon_cry: ill for sure try and be at the next one!
  15. BiMoPed

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    This Sunday April 3rd as in tomorrow...

    Meet in the free area at the bottom of El Dorado park from 10 am to 12 noon

    There is another entrance off Studebaker Rd to our meeting place south of E Barrios St that is not on the Google map below.
    It is the first turn north of Willow St.
    Just keep turning to your right and you will end up at the bottom of the free area
    just north of Willow where we are meeting.

    30 mile ride leaves at 12 noon down PCH to Huntington Beach.

    Please wear a DOT looking helmet if you are riding with the group.

    Here is the route with a lunch stop at Super Mex [ B ] and catch up stops

    El Dorado Park ride Sunday April 3rd
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  16. BiMoPed

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    Latest weather report for Sun Apr 3

    AM Clouds / PM Sunny 67°


    Thank you Dennis!

    put 562-307-8209 in your cell phone if you are going on the ride
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  17. Drylakerunner85

    Drylakerunner85 New Member

    LOOKS like a super fun route! have fun guys and becareful! :cool:
  18. BiMoPed

    BiMoPed New Member

    Thanks, weather looks good with sunny skies for this afternoon.
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  19. ocscully

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    Early Photos

    Couldn't have asked for a better day for a Motor Bike Cruz. 32+- riders started the ride.


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