Long commutes....what's your average mph?


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Jun 6, 2008
Bluffton, Ohio
I work about 21 miles from home. I've decided, weather permitting, that I would ride everyday that I could to work. About two years ago I bought a beautiful Jeep Grand Cherokee. 4x4 with a V8. Love it but it sure does suck up the gas. After doing the math I bought a cheap used Dodge Neon. I actually save about $150 bucks a month driving it. Now it seems that I'm still throwin' gas into it all of the time. I'm fed up with all of this wasteful spending on fuel!!!
So far the bike has done beautifully. I have a "70" cc engine that keeps me pretty comfortable on my 21 mile trip to work. Yesterday, on my way home a motorcyclist pulled along side me and started asking me questions. Turns out he has one of the Chinese motors too on a trek mountain bike. He asked me if I usually run it WOT. I said heck no! I want it to last. It seems to run really smooth at around 25 mph with lots of throttle left. I feel comfortable, the bike feels like it's running smooth without a lot of vibration. I think it's a nice comfortable speed to travel.
I'm curious as to what the average speed is of those of you who commute a fairly long distance to work/school everyday.
I cruise at 15 to 18 mph whether it's on my 70cc 2 stroke frame or my Titan rack mount.
My reason is that it's still a bicycle and the slower speeds are easier on the bike parts.
Also I can smell the roses better and the longer commute is a PLUS. And I'm more accepted on the bike trails because I'm not going roadie speeds.
What kind of bicycle is your 70cc mounted on? Mine is a Giant hybrid. Well made with high end components. It seems to run really smooth at 23-25 mph.
I am riding almost every day and a nice cruising speed seems to be around 18 to 22 mph.. Yes, I relate to what Large Filipino states above -- at slower speeds -- not such a race -- time to truly -- look around.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
I remember that thread! Yea,that's a nice setup.
Another thing I forgot to mention is at the slower speeds I cruise at,it's nice to know I can accelerate whenever I feel the need! Like when I pass some admirers gawking at my bike. I'll wholeheartedly admit I like the attention. It rules!
True! It rocks. I put 89 cents worth of gas in yesterday at the station and the manager had to come out and see what the heck i was pumping gas into. lol He's wants one and the two clerks inside were asking tons of questions. It's been a great experience!
i run mine at 30 ish i have missed one day of work on my 4 banger i ride in rain also. i have some nice rain gear that travels with me well 2 days i lost the master fist trip out so after the first pull its been good to me the bike computer says i avg. 20 mph and do 25 miles round trip work 40 hrs a week cost me 260 in gas save 10 hrs a week not taking the bus and train iam so in love still ohh i get to work in about 45 mins. bus was about 2hrs whoo hoooo

hay race i like that bike i have test rode it very cozy indeed
35mph last 2 weeks. working at getting my jetting super fine tuned, and have a gearing trick up my sleeve that might work out to drop my rpms by 630, which woul dallow me to run 40mph AND use less gas too.

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