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I am looking for opinions and input. I am wanting to build a long distance bike. The machine must have the ability to go 100 to 150 miles between fill ups so it will need a large fuel tank. I want to be able to carry enough gear to camp along the way. In addition, being a desert rat, I will carry 2-3 gallons of water. That is 32 pounds! I do not want to do the backpack thing as you get realllly tired with that much weight strapped on you back, bucking the wind. I have looked at frame designs and like the Cheetah electric bike frame as the foundation. Hydraulic front end with 29 inch tire and 24 inch back. I would like to be able to strap the equipment to the back and have saddlebags. That would require a center mount engine. My engine will probably be a 2 stroke due to the weight/power. I want to cruse 30-35 and am wanting to push my ample hiney and equipment at 100 plus mpg at the 30-35 mph cruse. Does the center engine mount using the GEBE set up present any problems. I like the simplicity and power transfer of the belt drive, but again I am looking at pushing 300 pounds 30-35 mph for hours at a time. This would be in the West Texas Eastern New Mexico area. Elevation 3500 to 5800 and during the summer hotter than the blazes. Ideas, Input??



Take a look at what I am building in Wild in the Streets. It might seem crazy but it would pull more than what you would want.. Go plenty fast get about 100mpg if done right and you can fabricate the frame to be comfortable. I will be making a different seat shortly but that should be very comfortable to ride.


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Hi buy a motorcycle with a transmission. Your task is too large, and no legal motor bicycle can be trusted to do what you want to do. Current legal motorbicycles do NOT cruise 30-35, and will suffer in heat and hill climbing under load. A transmission is your best friend.

An illegal motorbicycle could be made to do what you wish, but if I were going to take the chance of stranding myself in that misarable desert, I would choose either Briggs, or Honda of the same calss as the briggs not the little-bitty ones. if not a true gearbox, then a CVT.

If you choose to try this, a trailer is your best friend. You can always tow much more than you can carry,


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I want to work within the constraints of legality. I have a 80 ci FLH that can do the job and I am an ex-long distance rider (1000 in 24). The challenge will be building something <50cc. From what I understand as long as I keep the cc's below 50 the top end is irrelevant as long as I keep it under 75 which is the speed limit when you cross from NM into Texas heading toward Guadualipe Pass.
My objective is to have a reasonably comfortable and safe bike which will offer me excellent fuel mileage. I have read stories of the early riders on much less mechanically advanced equipment as the latest crop of engines traveling from one side of the US to the other. I think it would be cool to build something that could go long distances, using minimal fuel and doing it without a license plate. Legally. If I need to limit the top end cruse to 25 or 30, then fine.
I do know the friction drive is NOT the way to go as the Dimension Edge I just hooked up to my Cannondale is uh, um somewhat limited as a distance machine. Maybe one day of putting around is not enough to evaluate its potential, but I dont think friction drive is the way to go for long distance.
Who knows, maybe a long distance race with out toys with limited cc's and the winner the one who goes the furtherest on the least fuel. Peddling and fuel. Suffer mechanical difficulties, tire problems, irrational cage drivers. Yea. I can see the fun.
I know put wheels and a motor on something and get two guys together and they will figure out someway to race the things.


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Who knows, maybe a long distance race with out toys with limited cc's and the winner the one who goes the furtherest on the least fuel. Peddling and fuel. Suffer mechanical difficulties, tire problems, irrational cage drivers. Yea. I can see the fun.
I know put wheels and a motor on something and get two guys together and they will figure out someway to race the things.

I'm in... 8)

I was going to suggest the big GEBE 40 or 44, with a lightweight trailer for that water requirement. Swap out the 22 oz tank for the 96 from Stanton (you could maybe swap with our Hawaii friend whose tank is too large for his mission).

The biggest GEBE's can carry some very large riders.


I want to do much the same.

I bought a GEBE Robin/Subaru 35cc kit from http://www.bikeengines.com/index.htm ..once broke in it might push me up to 30mph with the 12 tooth drive gear inplace. I bought the 11 tooth for grades at elevation and the 13 tooth for long flat runs with no headwinds. With the 13 tooth I might see 34+mph and that is enough for a properly set-up MTB.
I will carry a spare belt and drive gears are a snap to change.

Search and read the posts of bamabikeguy, he does 200mile days with his bicycle. My hat is off to him...my hero. :D

If you need more power, look to the Tanaka 33cc or 40cc kit from GEBE.

Aux. fuel tank will keep me on the bicycle for 3+ hours. Believe me, that will be long enough. You might do cheaper and better than http://www.sdminimotorsports.com/site/707069/product/Tank 1 This will be mounted between the engine and seat post.

Carrying gear?? My BOB Ibex, with all options, will be here on Tuesday. Best deal ATM is $339 w/free ship and no tax from http://www.triplesportsonline.com/
The BOB Yak is only $299 with all the options but I want suspension so the 16" tire can survive pot holes and such. Might do a little single track inorder to free camp. :cool:
If you go GEBE, consider the 12g spoked rear wheel they offer fairly cheap at about $100 shipped. They will fit the drive sheave and it has the solid axel installed.
If you decide on a BOB, be sure and order 10x1 BOB Nutz so it can be mounted to the rear axel as the QR will not work...bad idea to use a QR with powered bikes.

Carrying water?? http://biketrailershop.com/catalog/index.php > Racks for Bikes/Trailers...top of the page, $55. Water bags can be slung over this rack like saddle bags. I have yet to order one but will do so soon.

Need cool water w/o ice or refidgeration? Consider two of these flax water bags. I have yet to order three but will do so soon. (Why three? Trading on the road or to return a favor of help on the road). http://www.lifestylestore.com/ls_survival_water.html

There are solar bags that hold considerable water for warm quick showers. I'm sure you know of those.

For some real insperation. http://www.mountainbike-expedition-team.de/

If you have never toured in hot weather on a motorcycle, w/o a windshield as I have, you need to be aware of several things. You must be in decent shape, you must stay hydrated... coffee, tabaca, alkyhol and lots of sugars are a no-no, stay covered with long sleeve shirts and pants, rest often, use sun block.

OH! http://www.staton-inc.com/ offers some very road worthy kits and be sure to look at their uber-heavy duty rear wheels. The hubs they offer have 4...yes,FOUR cartridge bearings and will last forever on a bicycle. Overkill at its best.


Sorry, I did not see the post about 1000 in 24 on a HD. Tough guy huh! :cool:
I've done 800~900 mile days on a Suzi, Guzzi and BMW before I ever heard of The IronButt. :D At 60 I still may have time to qualify as an IronButt Rider.

The Staton hubs are freewheel only not cassette. At $210+ it does seem abit much but I did buy one of their hubs for $129 and laced in a Mavic rim 4 cross with straight 14g DT spokes. Then instead of zip-ties, soldered wire tied the spokes at the cross. I will report at some later date how well this wheel stood up...after a long trip.


overall, i would choose the 4 stroke, maybe a skyhawk 4 stroke kit (chain drive) this is because the 4 stroke burns half the gas as a two stroke, doesnt get as hot and you can fill up right at the station, dont have to worry about the oil mix. maybe a sidecar of a small trailor would be good as a storage compartment.

im suprised my bike can travel 10 miles at once, i cant evenalign my rear tire...



If you are willing to make or modify a frame, you have a lot more choices than just the standard bolt-on bicycle engines.

I kinda like these Lifan moped engines--most are 4-cycle (no mixing fuel & oil when filling up!) and the smaller ones have 3- and 4-speed transmissions.
....I've not ever seen one up close however, so I don't know the details.