Long distance crusing

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    This bike is very quiet and smooth with no noticeable vibration. With nine speeds, from a stand still in low gear you can start up a pretty steep grade without peddling. 25 mph the motor is turning easly with a low humming sound. The bike rides the same with the motor mounted or no motor, probably because it is mounted low. Looks like the gas tank is right in the way, but not in the way at all ,plus I can look down from the seat and see how much fuel there is. I have put together several motorized bicycles and this has turned out to be one of the best.

    Jerry, the scooter Guy should get a lot of the credit. The mounting brackets, most of the drive train including the sprocket were supplied by him. He also gave me a lot of tips and suggestions. Jerry is very good to deal with and the quality of his parts are very good.

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    Long range cruising

    Thought I should show more detail .

    Aussiejester posted these pictures under general discussion the other day because I didn't know how to do it, but it probably will not hurt to do it again.

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    Superb craftsmanship.