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Jun 21, 2022
Nampa, ID
@DAMIEN1307 (and others)... I asked somewhere (but I can't find it) and I want to say you mentioned that you've done this... but I can't be certain...

I need to push my motor forward. The huge opening in my new project requires this. I can't seem to locate any legitimate way people have... in the past... floated their motors forward. Can I use a CNC mount for the rear? I can't seem to locate even a decent photo of what I am talking about.

Essentially, I need to move my motor forward approximately 4 inches. The alternative is to have to come up with a "tall" motor mount for the front AND I would have to figure out an entirely different exhaust as the stock one wouldn't fit as it would hit the frame and pedals.

Any ideas?

Damien... if my recollection is correct and you are the one who has done this... do you have any close up photos?

Unfortunately, I don't have the skill nor the tools to fabricate my own. :(
...this might have worked.

Except it's sized for the smaller 6mm mount. Holes are 1.25" apart so I can't even drill them out right.

The more I look the more I realize how much of a pain in the ass it's gunna be to float this forward. SO, lets look at what it will take to keep it back.

I will need to make a CNC mount work. My downtube is 1.35". They don't seem to make a 1.35" downtube CNC mount. Closest is 1.5". I could also pick up a Grubee shim kit to make that mount work (I suspect)...

That leaves me with the exhaust. My original plans (before deciding to go with a Phantom 85) was to get one of the flexible exhausts ... they don't do a while lot for power, but they look nice and make installation for a guy who can't create my own like myself a lot simpler... now that I went with the Phantom... I'm guessing that's not an option (without even looking I am guessing the mounting is a different size based on the size of the exhaust).


Anyone make an aftermarket exhaust for the Phantom yet?
You're kinda hoop without any fab tools, not much on the market yet for the 85.

...yeah. I'm starting to realize this. This 'awesome' frame might have to become a future project. I might have to invest in a Hyper Cruiser.
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Damien... if my recollection is correct and you are the one who has done this... do you have any close up photos?
I had to custom make my FRONT MOUNT although the CNC should fit, With the Hyper frame...(I used the regular rear mounting as it was already with the kit)...Mine that I made was also interchangable between both the Zeda 80 as well as the Phantom 85.

I have heard that https://www.mmbikeparts.com/category-s/114.htm makes them custom sizes for the front mount...They might be able to use one of them to adapt properly for what your looking for with the rear mount...Phone number is in their ad on this URL provided here.

For non-standard sizes smaller than 1_1/2" diameter
We can make you a custom reducer bushing for $30.00 each. Must call-in to order the custom bushings 727-551-1435