Long-time Reader turned MEMBER in Huntsville ALABAMA!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TinkerBuddha, May 15, 2011.

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    HELLO! I've been regularly reading this Forum for several months now. The knowledge and information here has made it possible for me to build three wonderful bikes of my own! One of them I sold to a coworker and the other two I drive to work everyday. I have always been something of a bicycle enthusiast and I recently hooked up with the makers local 256 in an effort to expand my tinkering abilities. One day I encountered some clutch problems when attempting to mount a chainsaw engine on my homemade chopper frame:eek:. I googled my issue and found my way here. It was through these threads that i discovered the chinese bicycle engines, and i was able to finally able to ditch the chainsaw drive altogether. :idea:
    I have found myself back here time and time again to research this or that mechanical issue. NOW, I believe I have what I need to give Back to this community. :D

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    Welcome from Calera. Everyone is a noob at some time or another. As you go along you will learn the ups and downs of these Chinese engines.
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    Welcome to the forum!