Longer Cables

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  1. Do they make longer throttle cables, We would like to mount the engine here.

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  2. Mountainman

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    it doesn't look as if your engine is any futher back that a rack mount

    measure total distance needed (can use a string) contact

    Station or I think Pablo's might have them

    nice looking three wheeler

    ride that thing
  3. Long cables

    I've had the same problem and went to my local bike shop to ask.

    He handed me some brake cables from a tandem bike.

    Worked very well and didn't cost much more than a normal one.


  4. Mountainman

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    good call -- go you good thing

    good call there -- go you good thing

    your call name there -- has a ring to the THING

    I am not sure what to say -- except -- ride that thing
  5. Thanks everyone, for the ideas, tommorow we are installing, the throttle, clutch and brake cables, have finished mounting longer brake pads, for better grip, also has a 3-speed hub with coaster brakes. Gettin to like the Trike, hate to give it back to the owner...(70 year old gent.)

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    thats a nice looking trike. i love how the engine looks like it just belongs there. we have an trike sitting in the barn but i dont think it would work quite as well as that one. great job on the install so far.