Longer clutch control arm

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  1. Sky High

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    High ALL ! Who sells the Longer Clutch Control Arms OR Clutch Lever Linkage ? I need one longer than the stock 73mm Arm that comes on these Chinese 2-stroke engines. Thanks

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  2. srdavo

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  3. I just extended mine with a length of copper, soldered on to the original arm, flattened it on the end and cut a slot for the cable. Very Easy. I also rotated it in for a smoother pull....
    Not a very good picture, but gives you the idea............

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  4. Pablo

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    I recommend the whole clutch kit from Creative Engineering as well. Takes a little patience to dial in, but it's more of an overall solution. I use it with a teflon coated clutch cable and it's about as slick as you can get.