longest time youve rode before a breakdown on HT?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by linnix13, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. linnix13

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    what is the longest time you have gone before you broke down? anything engine wise or bike wise? through the lifespan of your bike what have you had to replace? i rode 20kms when i first got my engine only to have the motor mounts snap, i replaced them with grade 8 steel and rode my HT for close to 3000km before the small crank gear broke, i fixed that and got about 500kms before my rear rim denigrated, another 300kms went by then my motor mounts snapped again(user error: i put it in the trailor and hit a pothole and the engine smashed against the trailer chassis) i have had about 10 rear flats in my bikes lifetime and gone through 3 rubber tires, aswell as 40 break pads(its the **** mountain i come down every day and i have to ride the breaks;) , i have been through one seat(the pole snapped and my *** went into the back tire) and 1 clutch lever and im on my second throttle cable, i also have gone through 3 exhaust gaskets i am 200kms short of turning over 4000km and i am on the original clutch pads,original spark plug,original head gasket and everything else is original besides what i have listed, thanks


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    I'm not answering this :p
  3. Molotov256

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    You've had better luck than I! I seem to spend a lot of time with flooded carbs and air leaks. Still a good time, just not the reliable transportation I'd been hoping for.
  4. Hawaii_Ed

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    First motor ran 1500 miles with minimal trouble, then started running like junk. Tried some seals, etc, but wanted to build a new bike anyway, so just got a new kit. Luckily these things are cheap!
  5. arceeguy

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    I've got over 600 miles on mine. No engine troubles. Never left me stranded. I am switching over to a 50cc engine with cast iron cylinder liner from a 66cc chrome plated cylinder engine tomorrow so I'll need to reset the odometer.
  6. radrob

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    900 miles and so far never left stranded. did 50 miles yesterday. what a blast!

    DJEEPER Member

    Had pull start issues at about 300 miles in... still kind of lingering...but not bad
  8. linnix13

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    heres an update, i am now at 4227kms and it had huge clutch problems, the clutch spring inside has worn down so i had to make a new pin and i put a small nut between the pin and ball bearing, it runs rough and it takes a block to start, my kill switch now doesnt turn the engine off it just makes it rumble and pop, but it still runs, oh also i thing the bearings are going cause its squeeking and grinding i doubt i can get another 200kms out of it, but well see well see,
  9. Pablo

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    I've had troubles with my fuel once (too old) fouled my plug a bit but chugged home.

    I have issues with my MM clutch kit, slipping and fighting with me.

    And I broke a 25 year old bike chain and had to push home.

    But my engine has never left me stranded. I put a little into it and get a LOT out. IMHO.
  10. machiasmort

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    What does MM stand for Pablo?

    I've got well over 1,000 miles on mine. Those 50 mile trips beat me up now aday's. Been runnin for two years, no probs!
  11. Pablo

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    Manic Mechanic
  12. Flapdoodle

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    About 800 miles now. Plagued with chain problems until I replaced it with a #41 from NAPA.
    Otherwise it has been trouble free.
  13. solitus3989

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    Wow. you guys have had some luck! I really got nickel and dimed on mine.

    i have about 450 miles on mine, and have...
    -snapped motor mount off inside. my dad did a poor job drill and tapping, which led to more problems, like the casing breaking off.
    -had to replace the throttle once.
    -replace throttle cable twice. (kept snapping!)
    -replaced spark plug once
    -replaced lost bolt on exhaust.


    im signing this as my brother calls me, with good reason.

  14. roddy4477

    roddy4477 Member

    ht miles

    greetings from Oklahoma the most MB friendly state in the union. I have 1050miles on my bike with a HT Im having electiical problemsnow but untill now all the broblems have been with the bike, tires,. brakes , fenders. etc. .i installed a SBP kit at 400 miles and made it alot more of a crusier. That is better around town and for longer trips.:helmet:
  15. f4lloutdiablo

    f4lloutdiablo New Member

    well ive ridden 300miles and then bam!! motor mount broke and my drilling and tapping job failed so it is in my garage waiting for a new half crankcase
  16. chrisnbush

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    Well, I got 2500 miles (2480 or something) on my HT 65cc, which was the best. I got it from DAX.

    My first motor was something I got on EBAY, I don't know the source, I got 1500 miles on it before the wrist pin bearings went.

    I then went and got a DAX hearing good things about them, obviously there are other good companies. The first DAX wen 400 miles and the wrist pin bearings went - DAX sent me another one and let me keep the first for "parts" (geez, I got a lot of "parts"...).

    The second DAX was the one I got 2500 miles on. It was still running but noisy and losing power. I was able to wiggle the crankshaft a little, so I am pretty sure the main bearings are going.

    Most problems I have had otherwise due to my errors - not getting the good motor mounts, not rubber mounting the motor (I use pieces of inner tubes), the sock I use as a prefilter for the air filter getting caught in the drive sprocket (YIKES - now I tie the end of it to the frame). A fair number of flat tires, innertubes I get off of junk bicycles are often better than WalMart - at least they have held air at SOME point.

    I can go on and on, and usually do too much I think

  17. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    Not strictly on topic ...

    2500 miles on a 32cc piped GEBE - mostly at WOT

    only things that have broken are spokes...

    Still on original belt
    No punctures

    Still considering taking it to the US and doing the round america run... if I can get sponsorship

    The moral of this is I think you get what you pay for - true the GEBE are more expensive by some way than the CHG based kits but they are half the displacement (as standard) and just as adjustable and modifiable - I think the only thing with them is that they dont do a frame mount model...
  18. BAM

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    800 miles ran it like i stole it then sucked intake gasket in made it home but my have done some damage cant get to rev high again top speep was 33mps know 27 is it still trying some things though rode it to work and home 25miles guest not the same power
  19. try1897

    try1897 Guest

    My first HT 80 was from Kings and it was a screamer that I rode aprox 2,000 miles and sold to a guy that blew it up in a week. Second HT was a Dax 65 that also ran hard and I put at least 1,500 -1,800 miles on it and sold it to the same guy and he blew it up in 2 weeks. Now I got a Chriss Hill 80 and I just about have it broke in at 500 miles or so and aint sellinthis one. It's by far the best runnin smoothist riden hardest pullen of the three. None of them gave me more trouble than a bad gasket or two and of course a few flat tires . I now use the super thick thorn proof tubes and the hard glowing green liners between the tube and tire and haven't had a flat in a long while (knock on wood) This latest bike is a 1953 Columbia with a monarch springer and Super H/Duty Worksman wheels with 10g spokes.It pulls a trailer and my fat butt and will easilygo 30mph Not bad at all concidering all the weight and a 36 tooth rear SP . This bike is a heavy beast but solid as a rock...Tom in West by God Virginia
  20. marcel

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    what does HT stand for?
    im a newb. luagh at me if you want. ha