Longevity Migweld 200s

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    I am in the process of purchasing my first MIG welder to do fabrication work in my shop and going through the old quality and price checking procedures. I have been to my local welding shop and seen the SUPER high priced millers and lincolns and decided that it was best in my case to go with a low cost import machine. I have found a gazillion imports and have decided that if it is the import that I get, it will be through LONGEVITY welding. They are offering me the best warranty and price shipped to the door with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Has anyone ever used a LONGEVITY machine before? or has anyone been in my shoes and decided to go with a different brand? why? I appreciate other minds that can help me out with this decision .

    Here is the LONGEVITY MIG welder that I am thinking of getting:

    Thanks for the help

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    buying one from them is like buying one from HF parts available till they switch who they have make them. Do some more research as they are they same as everlast.... just a address that gets containers full shipped in from CHINA
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    At that price I would get a name brand.
    How about Hobart.
    I heard they are the same as Miller but don't know for sure.
    We have a little Miller at work and I love it
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    a little research would come up with the fact that miller bought out hobart so the current fact that hobarts are millers hobbist line could be true.... I leave this for you to research
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    mine doesnt even have a name, its that cheap!

    and, after three years of abuse, still going strong but i have made a few mods...

    only recently fitted it into an old german brand case. its now called The Red Rattler :) adding about 10,000 uf of capacitor between diode bridge and inductor makes it into a new machine, wish i had done that lil mod before! placing caps AFTER the inductor is a big NO NO! if you want to lay a weld anytime soon, at least ;)

    be careful with super cheap ones, as some dont even have the diodes/rectifiers, or chokes! mig requires smooth DC, and inductance is far more important than capacitance. luckily, i now have the inductor that came in the german case, the inductor that was inside my working mig when i got it, and another inductor from an old TIG a friend had lying around... one internal, two set up with lugs, i can just plug em in as needed :)

    the sign of a good welder is large diodes, with no more than two per plate (never have three diodes in parallel, bad practise) well separated.

    the ability to change polarity EASILY. if one wants to weld gas/no gas and hardface/braze/alloy etc

    a big fat inductor, sometimes with selectable inductance.

    copper wire windings. though not usually associated with chinese, some do surprise you! meh, havent had any issues with alloy ones yet.

    a european style torch/lead fitting. these are the ones that can be removed simply by undoing the clamping nut. because you do have to change liners relatively frequently. "binzel" leaps to mind. short lead can be more annoying in that it never quite reaches, but far better than a long one that jams if not held perfectly straight. gun/hand feeder is a luxury the average joe at home will never need.

    removable earth lead. ie, plug and socket, doesnt just emerge through a hole with a grommet.

    5kg or larger wire roll capability. nothing more annoying than running out on a saturday night because it only takes 1kg baby reels.

    some cheap nasty ones are just that, some seem to be just as good as the lincolns or millers or other expensive pro units, at half the price or better.

    the people that say NEVER BUY CHINESE...either had one bad experience or havent had ANY experience... (i know one pro that took a gamble and his lincoln is still sitting sadly in the corner, waiting for its time to come again!)

    i will admit...when it comes to TIG welders, and anything with large amounts of semiconductors inside...steer clear of china. a mig with only a wire feed control is usually pretty robust :) ie, get a transformer type, not inverter tech.

    you can also learn some electronics later on and add things like gas pre and post flow, burnback, etc etc. when you make em, you understand em, and can fix them :)
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    So I called them up and asked a bunch of questions. Sales guy had some knowledge. I found out the machine is made in the same plant as Thermal Arc and Esab. He gave me a discount and seemed eager for my hard earned money so Ill see how the welder does. I know it’s a China product that does not bother me. I did a price comparison with the Hobart and found the Longevity model a few hundred dollars less and the spool gun much less in case I need aluminum welding. So far pretty happy with the choice and discount they gave me over the phone. I hope the machine is as good as the service, but time will tell.