Look at the engine mounts and chain tensioner on this bike !

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Porkchop, Sep 11, 2009.

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    yes they have a sweet looking MB there
    with great motor mounts and a chain tensioner that's more than fine
    actually I would expect some of the dealers here on site to ((copy close)) those designs

    but the price on that THING -- come on now -- is that a rip off ??

    sure looks to be from up top the mountain -- 2,250.00 -- come on now !!!

    looks like a pretty nice bicycle with a common Happy Time engine ???

    ride that thing
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    Pricey indeed, but it looks like they did try to make those compenents very trust worthy ! They get my vote. For cosmetics if nothing else !
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    are those prices real ?????

    are those prices real ?????

    I try not to call a dealer straight out
    due to the fact that it is still a free world here up top the mountain
    and people can charge and also pay what ever they wish for a product

    BUT -- how in the heck can ANYONE charge prices such as those ???

    I did a small amount of work in a machine shop -- yes many years ago now
    that motor mount ((( at the most ))) should be around 75 dollars
    and the chain tensioner maybe ?? 49 dollars

    I don't see how anyone could charge prices like these
    and sleep well at night ???

    this company must be for the rich and famous ??

    just my thoughts -- from - MM
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    I could sleep just fine...though I would not carry much of an inventory with the knowledge that buyers will be few and far between.

    In the online gathering places where the greatest number of MB enthusiasts gather, I have yet to encounter anyone who has a Ridley bike or bought these parts.
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    I'm doing just fine with my friction drive kit. Total combined cost for kit and engine was less than the prices you quoted for those engine mounts and tensioner. I guess it all depends on you want and what you can afford. But there are some things I may want and can afford, but just ain't gonna buy ! I'm currently working on a frame mount. Engines are relatively inexpensive. It's all the other little amenities that start adding up if you want to do a top notch build and do it right !
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    Yea just wanted to comment on Houghmade's post:

    I havent met a forum member who owns a Ridley (or Derringer) either. I was thinkin about this the other day and came to the conclusion that Derringer and Ridley are marketing to a non-DIY'er crowd, which happens to also be a group that contains individuals without enough experience to recognize that these prices (engine mounts, chain tensioner, and ridley's 600 dollar engines) are way over the mark. I think these products probably come with a good baseline performance level and are pretty high in the style dept but these characteristics can be achieved easily for less if one is willing to DIY or use a local machine shop.

    The one company that seems to have found a niche as a DIY/fully assembled MB seller hybrid is Spookytooth. They provide enough part options to support a DIYers client base as well as complete models for sale to those who are short on time or skill.

    I haven't used them yet but I plan to.
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    I agree with all that...but the Chinese 2 strokes are still the Chinese 2 strokes. One wonders how long the these buyers will be happy with their high-dollar bikes if they are unwilling, or can not wrench on them themselves.