LOOK! It can be Done!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by locoWelder, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. locoWelder

    locoWelder Guest


    I just had to show this latest find off

  2. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    kewl !!!
    I couldn't do that with the chopper, but it feels like I could with the mountain bike
    Is that from a vid?
  3. Chopper

    Chopper Guest

    8) 8) 8) :grin:
  4. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Cool...I was doing that on the old red schwinn that I had originally installed my engine on. Is there any video?

  5. ironwarlock

    ironwarlock Guest

    that dude sold that bike a few weeks ago on ebay.
  6. lotsa_mpg

    lotsa_mpg Guest

    I've been straining my eyes looking for the 60 lb test monofilament running down from the tree branches to his handlebars. I can't see it yet, but I'm sure it's there.