LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!! dumpster diving thread 2


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Mar 19, 2018
Yesterday went to the junkyard to pick up a bike to electrify. I dont have a car so dad drove and i was able to pick up a bike. I wanted to also bring some 3ft of railroad track home but he said no; was kinda bummed out about that a lot, till i took my ebike down to the scrap yard and found a:

Railroad track was not there so they emptied the dumpster :( but....... i found a

vintage oscilliscope
Lab power supply
1969 multi-meter fluke - fluke 8100a

so now i am happy....

The lab power supply did not work. I opened it up and found lots of capacitors that have seemed to have passed on into tech heaven.... i was able to find a variac inside the power supply. Going to modernize it by throwing out all the old parts and keeping the variac and transformer. Will run a bridge rectifier between that and a filter capactior to create my own power supply off it....

The fluke was missing a power cord. Read up some literature, found schematic and wired the cord. It works awesome... The nixie tubes look great.
Love the old push button things.... Very aesthetic and is from 1969 and still works.
Someone on reddit offered me a brand new 100 dollar home depot fluke in exchange for this and i think thats a terrible deal. Why would i want a Chinese crap thing when i have some vintage usa from 1969... Called fluke customer support to see if they new about the power cord and they said this model is no longer supported and bye!! I thought fluke was supposed to be better than that....

Vintage oscilliscope has not yet been tested...



This is the power supply. You can see this copper cylinder thing. thats the variac. I was able to rotate it and get a range of voltages from 120 to 0... those big caps are huuuge!! but are corroded and dead...
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