Look what I found



Now all I have to do is find a bunch of bikes. What so you think? It was under my work bench. have fun, Dave


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thats cool those shindawas are nice engines

i picked up a cool engine today a post hole drill lauson 100cc 2 stroke with a heavy duty clutch and 10:1 gearbox
I remembered an engine I got years ago. I thought I knew where it was, but I can't find it. I don't remember throwing it away, it was a cool looking two stroke, it had an aluminum shroud. I was thinking about the bike engine out there that was made to look like an early engine, with fake large crankcase. I held the camera in the pile and I can't see anything. I have one more place to look. I was going to pull everything out this last summer, but I did the cancer thing. Next year, Oh that is in a few days. LOL.
PS: Found a bike in the overhead, Ill put the engine over the rear wheel. And some of the under the bench.


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Extra bikes

Hi Egore, the bikes are the easy part! It is not legal, but in CA on large trash thro-away, just prior to "pickup" day, many bikes can be had for free, some needing nothing more than air in the tires and a new owner to love them! This is the major way I got the "bones" to learn bicycle repair from.

I still have 3 or 4 MTB's and I almost NEVER use them, as I don't like the geometry of them.

Wifey would love for me to give those away, who is in or near Sacramento and wants a free MTB or 2?

im the same way i have junk everywhere anything thats free i have to have it i have piles of bicycles snowblower engines lawnmowers minibikes mopeds jet skis electric scooters anything
its great being a junkman
And you drive down the street, you see stuff being thrown out, and your wife says "Don't you dare!"