look what I got!!! 4-stroke powerplant :)



from what i can tell, this engine's ready to be brought back to life.



i could only find the vaguest details, anyone have bore/stoke/displacement/hp specs?

(looks like we have a small bit of arizona here already, guys :) )
What kind of mileage do ya think you will get from the cardboard box? or is that just a temp mount?!? :p :p
umm dude those things are insane... Wisconsin OMG!! do not kill yourself please but BWAAAA BWAAAA!!

Have fun with that thing :devilish: :devilish: :devilish:

The power is 0-Sh*t in 1 flat... Mounted on a gocart the wisconsin tore holes in the ground. Rooster Tails about 12ft tall no joke man...

Please in the name of all that is holy be careful.. That bike may be turned into a plumbers nightmare...
that classic engine site was the only result that had anything at all...what a great site, but note for the wi-185 the numbers don't seem to make sense.

anyhoo, i pulled the head off, looks great.

2.625" bore X 2.0" stroke...holy cow! i just saw your post, Slicer', after having a look inside i truly believe you :devilish: :devilish:

btw-i accidentally discovered the magneto is just fine...plenty of spark :eek: :LOL:

HAHAHA! nice augi... Like I said please be careful :eek: :eek:

177cc?!?!?! good lord dude thats dirt bike.. Those Wisconsin were made for gang mower rotors for golf course greens if I recall a double gang mower
so, i assume this is a good candidate for the torque-converters everyone's been discussing lately? or would i just start breaking things?

hey, Papasaun, i think i'm gonna need a bigger box :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
Augi if this works out for you I might seriously consider one of the diesel engines I been looking at. Its not all too costly but its a beast like that. The torque is my concern.

Here is some thoughts for strength... Dirt Bike front wheel for rear bicycle wheel so it wont spin the spokes off.


There is some stout stuff for gokarts may want to consider that.

Ohh and when you get on and ride it you MUST post video of that thing throwing sand on the beach :devilish: :devilish:
lookit this layout...you know this bad-baby screams :devilish:

carby is intact & only needs a good cleaning.
crank still has clean oil in it, feels smooth.
2 years of salt air to clean up, but i think it's good to go :)


might not wind up my bike, maybe a PNW-Chapter project...maybe barter for things i really need. it sure is all shivery-feeling owning it & scheming, tho 8)
that is so cool though the size of that thing is a beast!

Are you sure its not quaking feeling not shivery :)