look what i made today just for fun.

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  1. motorpsycho

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    I built a wheelie bar for my chopper bike today. I built it out of an old chrome luggage carrier that i got at a rummage sale for 25 cents, and 2 ends of an old sissy bar that i cut off a long time ago.
    it's only held to the frame with 2 nuts, bolts and wing nuts, and there is no way that this could ever be functional because there is not enough support. I just made it for looks, and to be goofy...there is no way thet my bike could ever do a wheelie....lol
    i did take my bike for a ride with it on today, and i got a few strange looks, and a couple of thumbs up.
    I'll be taking this bike to a car & motorcycle show next month, and i am entering it in the motorcycle class just to be goofy.
    i think it will make people look and question the bike..."hmmm, look at that bike....it has a wheelie bar! it must have a lot of power!"

    also check out my headlight and tail light. I re-wired both of them to run off of L.E.D.'s (3 in the headlight and 2 in the tail light). the headlight is powered by 4 AA batteries for a total of 6 volts, and the tail light is powered by 4 small 1.5 volt watch type batteries that also equal 6 volts.
    the headlight is self contained, with the batteries inside the light housing and the on/off switch on top.
    the tail light batteries and on/off switch are hidden under the seat.




  2. Fulltimer

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    Nice looking bike!

  3. professor

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    I agree, great job.
  4. If this sport keeps progressing maybe one day we will all be riding motorcycles.
  5. Fulltimer

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    Perish the thought!:grin5:

  6. motorpsycho

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    lol...i have 2 motorcycles already to go along with my 2 m.b.'s.
    one is a 66 triumph bonneville, and the other is a 74 kawasaki 100 enduro.
    I've had both motorcycles for about 30 years.
    they are both very nice and i ride them all the time.
  7. I'm hoping to get a CBR600 or 1000 when I can afford it, and get my license.

    For right now my MB is doing a fine job though.
  8. arty dave

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    I like it!!! The tank really goes with the rest of the bike, it's really a nice shape.

    I'm curious about your double-leg stand, where did you get it? Looks stylish :D
  9. motorpsycho

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    the double leg stand is what came on all of the schwinn o.c.c. chopper bikes. It's the original stand, not an aftermarket or home made one.
  10. fritznbud

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    Beautiful bike. You do great work and have a creative mind. If there wasn't so much work involved, you could get a high dollar for them, or a show on cable. "American Moto"
  11. motorpsycho

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    thank you for the kind comments!