look what revolution cycles has sent me

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by strainjpnt, Aug 4, 2008.

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    ok i have recieved this email from bryan at revolution cycles 5 times now and i never bought any thing from him well i did but cancelled my order before paying and we both backed out of the deal but here is what ive got from him 5 times in 2 weeks

    "Revolution Cycles needs your help!

    I hope you are happy with your purchase.

    If you are, please leave positive feedback.
    Only 2% of buyers leave feedback.
    I will be closing my account in 3 weeks without the support of the other 98% of buyers who do not leave feedback.
    This will raise prices and will mean the loss of a ton of real information about these bikes.
    thank you
    -=Bryan www.revolutioncycles.us

    - revolutioncycles-dot-us"

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    Hmm well they're banned on here, not sure about that back story. Thats a load of crock about the spammage.