look what the neighbor dropped off



Everyone in my Neighborhood knows I collect vintage Bicycles and keep there eyes out for new old bikes to add to the collection. Tonight my neighbor dropped there three bikes off. They've been hanging in a friend of his storage shed for years. The small red bike is a 1932 Colson fairy the blue Bike is a 24" 1952 Schwinn Holleywood and the green on is a mid thirties Zeneth. I'll probably clean these up and sell them.


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Somewhere here I have a picture of my 7 year old mother riding her "fairy bike" in 1939. Told me that was just what she always called it, cause it had such dainty little wheels. You just posted a picture of it - thank you. She used to talk about the best bike she ever owned, even though when she started riding it she could barely reach the pedals, but could never remember the make of it.

Might even be the same bike - she lived in Gladstone and then Sellwood, Oregon back then.
Justin, very nice score!!!
I believe I might have your 24" schwinn's mommy. (or maybe an Auntie...hehe)

this is a 1952 BF Goodrich, built by Schwinn
bfg schwinn.JPG bfg schw2.JPG
the grips are Western Flyer :(

your 24"er appears to have skiptooth sprockets.....when did schwinn stop using skiptooth?
That Colson is pretty rare, I think. There's a good vintage bike price guide at oldroads.com, but they don't even list a "Fairy". I believe I'd hold onto that one.
Woodburn is an odd town. An old farming community, it became in the very early 1960's a major retirement community for folks from all over Oregon. Just a couple years later, JFK invited the old order believers of the Russian Orthodox faith who were being forced out of Brazil a home in the US, and sent them to Woodburn. That took place about the same time that major incursions of migrant hispanic farm laborers began arriving. All of that got dumped on a mixed scandinavian, german/mennonite, and hutterite farming community which had undergone massive upheaval during WWII and Korea, and was just recovering its equilibrium.

It is consequently utterly strange as compared to the communities around it. One thing though - because of the retirees, folks putting down the streets in or on oddball contraptions there have been pretty much ignored by the local cops for more than 40 years.