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    I am a 30 year old former VW (air cooled), current Bultaco (if you don't know ask your dad or grand pa) and jeep xj (4.0 4wd optimized for MPG--22.5+ on the freeway with cheep gas-- because I can't face a mini-van... yet) enthusiast. I bought my motor kit because I realized that I could feed my 'tweak and modify' habit for at least a year for less than the cost of entry to any of the other "clubs" I have belonged.

    I think if you are going to ride a bike on the road you should take a motorcycle safety course with a classroom and range component, a math based physics class, and an advanced first-aid certification class. This because you need to know what should happen, what could happen, how to avoid it, what will happen to you if you don't (in graphic detail), and how to help others when they need it. (I did not feel that way when I was 14)

    Last I believe that we have engineers because failure is inevitable. Their job is to decide where and why it will take place and when I change things I need to know where they put the weak point why because my better could make things a whole lot worse when things go bad.

    I believe the best looking custom vehicles are built out of junk but still manage to flow together and just look 'right'.

    And that is who I am

    As far as my setup goes,

    I am starting with a Pacific Cycles Schwinn and the Bike Berry 66cc Flying Horse Black Angle Fire kit. I am swapping the front fork for a 1 inch stem rst omni shock I salvaged so I can run v brakes and soak up the bumps. I am trying to come up with a front fender strut failure system so I don't end up in the hospital when the mounting bracket fails.

    In the long run I would like to build my own expansion chamber and tune it. Because it is a two stroke I like the idea of rotating the motor 180 degrees and upside down. I will need the motor to spin backwards and I assume the electronic ignition pickup will be the biggest problem, but I am usually wrong about these is things. (Think jack shaft setup without the jack shaft.)

    I don't plan on ever taking this unit any faster than I can peddle it, 18-22 mph, see my engineer comments for why.

    If I ever find a closed course and people to race with here in Idaho I may build a 'race bike' out of a '77 British Raleigh 10 speed that I may push to 35 or 40 mph. If I don't, my next project will be a trail rig... I think.
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    Bultaco? Is that a taco made from bull meat?
    ha! just kidding. Rode one once after tuning it for a friend. Worse handling bike I ever rode. But Jim Pomeroy seemed to like them fine.

    Yes this is a great way to be able to experiment on 2 strokes without it costing you an arm and leg.
    Click on my signature link for info on building your own expansion chamber.
    Why do you want the motor to spin backwards?
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    I'm also a very big GERMAN fan. Just remember, it's quite the opposite ( from german engineering) to the "CHINA" world. Yes, its fun, but very much keeps you on your toes trying to keep these things running right.
  4. I am a 52 year old car, motorcycle, moped, and now motored bike enthusiast. I have owned 3 air cooled VW bugs, and plan to own another. One of mine was a drag racer and was a handful on the street. I have also ridden bicycles all my life, but can no longer pedal, due to medical problems, that's what got me into MBs. I started the cheap easy way, with a Huffy Cranbrook and a Staton friction drive kit, with the Robin Subaru EHO35 engine. I am quite impressed with this engine. I like the look of the frame mounted Chinese 2 strokes, but am totally turned off by the lack of quality and cheesy design, specifically the clamp on chain tensioner and rag joint rear sprocket. I eventually plan on building a frame mounted 4G setup, possibly with a shift kit, to avoid having to use the above mentioned items.

    Oh, and my first motorcycle, at age 8, was a Bultaco Lobito 100, which I worked in the cotton fields all summer to buy. It needed work, and the local farm mechanic was nice enough to help me with it, and teach me how 2 stroke engines worked. I've been riding motorized 2 wheelers ever since.
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    Jaguar- It looks like you have done all the leg work for me on the mods, thank you and it looks like I will be getting one of your cdi's soon.
    I agree there is a reason japan buried the euro dirt bikes but I have an irrational attachment to my old 'bul'.

    geebt48cc- ya I don't expect much more than a thousand or two miles out of a motor but in a lot of ways the china girls motors are an expression of the same needs and desires that brought about the air cooled VW. Mobility via cheap transport with disposable drive trains.

    Any way this is ROUGHLY what I am thinking of with the rotated motor. As far as the direction of rotation I might be confusing myself but I think with the motor in the orientation I want, I am thinking it will need to spin backwards to drive forwards.

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