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    I have a similar set up to this, and am looking for a bigger motor. Currently I am 49cc, and it barely hits 35 mph (which is legal. I am looking to go at least 35)

    So, i figure 80cc is the way to go

    And, yes, I know there is no 80cc, and it is actually 66cc, but where i am, people call it 80cc

    Also, i might be able to get the engine, but without a tranny. So hopefully tranny location would help :D

    Thanks, Rhett

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    try checking your link cause it doesn't work [ remote linking forbidden ]
    upload the image here as a thumbnail

    You seem to be mixing engine types....

    Where are you located that 35 mph is legal?
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    35 mph is legal in oregon. as long as the motor is below 50cc

    im wanting to go higher than that because i see people with at least 120cc riding around and i talk to them and they dont even have a license...
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    i just need to know what kind i should buy, i dont want to buy one that isnt top notch quality. my bike has enough problems as it is... lol


    my bike is like the bottom one, but with no pedals due to me not having money for the freewheel