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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by pucksterpete, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. pucksterpete

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    Could someone be able to tell me what type of tires these are? I am basically looking for a 26" tire that is wide like this for street. I currently have Maxxis Overdrive, they are a great tire, but the profile is to narrow for my liking.

    Also here is a video for the NuVinci N360. In the video at the 1:19 mark there is a guy riding a red bike, the width of the tires is what I am looking for. If anyone could suggest or point me in the right direction, that would be great.



  2. Dave C

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    Did you look on eBay? I found Duro Tires there and I'm sold on their quality. I don't know wheither Duro has what you need but for concentrated looking I'm betting you can find what you want there.
  3. a/c man

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    Give these a look ...
    Mine are 26x 2.125
    They are about as wide a tire as will fit between the front forks and the rear chainstay on my bike.

    I've ridden them for about 500 miles or so. They have nice thick tread, and look

    Here's the link to Niagara Cycle where I got them;


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    26" X 2.125" are pretty much standard tires on any old balloon tire bike. I have Duro brand on 2 old Whizzers and they seem to be pretty good quality and ride great.
  5. pucksterpete

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    Thank you for all the suggestions. I went with Maxxis Hookworms. 26 x 2.5, there huge and just fit the frame. You should see the tubes for them. I had the bike shop install them on my rims, just so I could make sure there was a good seal with the tire and rim. It took 3 guys to fit these tires. I hope I don't get a flat. I'll post some pics tomorrow.

  6. a/c man

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    I'm glad you found something you like.
    The Hookworms are good tires.
    They were just a little more than I could spring for.
    That should give you plenty of contact with the road and soften your ride too.
    Good luck and post some pics if you can..
  7. pucksterpete

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