Looking for a 44t freewheel axle

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  1. Searching found a 36 tooth from boygofast ebay #190233901530 but I can't seem to find a supplier that can get me a 44t sprocket for this. I got a local guy that can lace me up a strong 26 inch rim with heavy spokes and a freewheel sprocket would be really cool on Cronus for 75 bucks.
    Also,looking at that pic,how is that sprocket secured to that freewheel nut?
    I'm serious about getting fit and riding with no engine when I can but although my engine on Cronus has little drag when turned off a freewheel sprocket would have nearly no drag I would think and my gear box won't be spinning at 100 mph when I'm screaming down a hill doing 60 lol.

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  2. ocscully

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    The 36t sprocket is threaded onto the freewheel body. To do a 44t you could bolt the 44t to the 36t. Or you could look at the Grubee HD HUb/Axle the freewheel that comes with it has a flange around the body to bolt the sprockets to. You will probably need to make the center hole of the 44t sprocket larger for either method.

  3. So they don't make a 44t for this?
  4. vyzhion

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    There is a Grubee 44T model. I'm not sure if anyone sells them here anymore but I did buy one from bicycle-engines.com a long while back. I have seen them on ebay from time to time as well. Just gotta keep looking. Good luck! :)
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    im looking for the same..:)
  6. AARGH! The Grubee site has it but for wholesale only!

    That is EXACTLY what I'm looking for,brakes and all even.

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  7. Wait. That looks like a fixed hub. AAARGH!
  8. ocscully

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    I'm not sure what you mean by fixed but the Grubee hub shown comes set up to be used with a single speed freewheel. but it can be made to work with a multi speed freewheel by flipping the axle and addind a spacer or two to the right side. This is the hub that Alaskavan used on his tadpole trike, and he performed the modification to make it work with the multispeed freewheel. He documented the process with plenty of photos here. bicycle-engines.com had these hubs back in the fall. They were pretty reasonable $50.00 I think.

  9. Is the grubee hub like this hub? Picture 4.jpg

    That one in the pic is a fixed hub.

    The boygofast hub is a freewheel(flip flop) hub.

    I know our vendors probably don't have it now but can any vendors chime in on availability?
  10. ocscully

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    What is it about the the one in the pic makes you say it is a "fixed hub". please provide a defination of what you mean. The discription says it can be eithe with or with out a freewheel for the driven sprocket?

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  11. The one in the pic fixes to the hub. The bolts go in the hub and fixes it on there just like a spoke mount.
    The one I want needs to freewheel just like on the pedal side so I can ride my bike regularly with no drag. When I shut off my engine the sprocket stops spinning. The bike continues to roll.
    The setup I have now is okay but I'm thinking if I'm gonna have a good strong rim for cronus I'd like to go for a freewheel.
    I'm sorry,oscully. I'm a bit at a loss to what you mean by converting to a freewheel.
  12. ocscully

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    Neither of the hubs that you have linked to in this thread have the driven sprocket bolted to the hub. The first hub you show with the 36t threaded sprocket, threads onto a freewheel body that threads onto the hub. The GRUBEE Hub you have linked to with the illustration is avaliable in two versions. In version (I) the sprocket bolts to a freewheel with a flange on its body and then this freewheel threads onto the hub. In version (II) the sprocket bolts onto just a threaded flange (no freewheel) and then the flange and sprocket are threaded onto the hub. Version number (I) gives you what you are looking for a freewheeling driven sprocket available in 44t.

    All of the above is for the motor driven side of the hub. What I was saying in one of my earlier posts in this thread is about the pedal driven side of the hub. The GRUBEE hub as delivered onlu has enough room on the right side of the hub for a single speed/BMX freewheel. I thought that your bike had a multi speed freewheel, I just looked at your gallerypage and now realize that it does not have mulitispeeds so what I was alluding to is not applicable to what you are trying to achieve.

  13. Good enough. I'm understanding what you're saying now.

    But were still at square one. :(

    I want a 44t freewheel hub! :cries:
  14. ocscully

    ocscully Member

    Call the folks at bicycle-engines.com and ask when they expect to have the hubs back in stock? They seem to expecting a shipment of kits last I read here in late July? Thats just weeks away. I'd call if I were you rather than e-mail as they don't seem to do to well answering e-mail in a timely manner.

  15. THANKS oscully. I'll do this tomorrow!

    I'm thinking of getting my rim ordered from my local bike shop with a flip flop hub. Hopefully those threads are universal.
  16. ocscully

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    A normal filp flop hub will not work for you as both sets of threads are right hand threads. You need a hub with left hand threads on the left side.

  17. loquin

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    Staton sells a hub with RH threads on the right, and LH threads on the left...

    Pricey, though.
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  18. You guys are GREAT!!

    I just called my bike shop and told them this dilemma.
    So I need to order this hub and give it to my bike shop. They charge 40 bucks for the labor lacing that wheel and charge for the 12 guage spokes and rim.
    I would go with the Wheelman cause I know he can go thicker but shipping alone would break my bank.
    I hate that shipping :)
    So I need to get ordering here!

    (edit) Bummer.
    Bicycle engines.com won't have another shipment till the end of August!

    So that's my mission.

    I have a Ben Franklin in my wallet and if it doesn't go to my bike SOON it's gonna go to something else this is a guarantee. Family is always number one. I need to hide this bill.

    Please anybody knows where I can get a 44t freewheel hub I will send money TODAY!!
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  19. Yea I just got off the phone with them. 129 dollars for just that hub.

    And no 44 tooth sprocket.

    Right away he said "China engine,huh."

    I told him what kit I have.

    I may just need to wait and hide that Ben Franklin with my life.
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