Looking for a 48-50 tooth sprocket

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  1. I just got a 44 tooth sprocket from Kings sales and service. After trying it for the last couple of days, it was way to low for my bike. So, im looking to buy/trade for anyone with a 48-50 tooth sprocket. The sprocket is brand new.

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    they are available here. search sprockets.
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    go to bottom of this page
  4. No joke im confused, where do I look at the bottom of this page?
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    push the down button
  6. HI,

    Actually, you can look for me in the vendors section of this forum ;-)


    PS - I actually have a 50T sprocket a customer returned to me (still new) since his wife bought him a scooter since his engine blew while waiting for the sprocket to arrive at his house....PM me if interested
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