Looking for a carburetor?

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    And this project keeps dragging on, almost there, 66cc slant head, Jaguar CDI, expansion chamber, etc. Got NG on eBay, but it's so so, and I think I'm lean. Could someone recommend a good carburetor for me that I could rejet as needed. Thank you, for all your help, sincerely John :grenade4::grenade4::grenade4:

  2. Fabian

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    A good carburettor is a twin needle Walbro carburettor - it's the only serious option worth considering, next to electronic fuel injection.

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    Thank you, could you tell me the part or model number, and does this fit right up to the standard Chinese motor, or are some modifications required?
  4. Fabian

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    At this point in time there are two of us waiting for this carburettor to come on stream: yourself and myself and probably a heap of other people.

    I spoke to Tony from Rock Solid Engines a few days ago, and he assured me that the Walbro carburettor is not far away, and is being designed to fit and work with the Rock Solid Engines reed valve intake.

    I'm not sure how many more sleeps we will have to wait to get our hands on a decent Walbro carburettor, but i hope it happens quick smart.
    At the very least, he has made mention that the Walbro carburettors are in his workshop and they are being adapted to work with the reed valve intake.

    This should make for a perfect combination; solving a number of problems with the standard carburettor and intake system.

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    Fabian thanks for all your help, I'm right in line behind you for this one. I have another question, motor is running a little funny around mid range, seems like a miss, but can't quite get my finger on it. And it bogs down a little going uphill. Only about 6 miles on the motor. Jaguar CDI, decent expansion chamber exhaust, upgraded carburetor called NG for new generation, not even sure what it is, got it online has a cable for the choke and throttle. Trying to follow breaking recommendations running a 20 to 1 ratio, wondering if it's too much oil?

    Thanks for all your help John
  6. Fabian

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    Oil isn't your problem - it's a fueling issue and that means messing around with jets until the Walbro carburettor comes on stream from Rock Solid Engines.