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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by steelfan41, Jul 19, 2011.

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    I have a 66cc HT and am looking for several items that I just can not seem to find in stock anywhere.

    I need a heavy duty chain tensioner, mine is twisted at the top where the pulley is and is causing derails.

    I also want a 1 gal fuel tank, this can be new or used.

    And last on my current wish list is an expansion chamber, new or used (gently used). I know SBP has one for $68~. I am looking for the $40-$50 dollar version, I just don't need all the spare pieces that come with the SBG kit. I need the bolt-on and go version.

    I have searched so many parts listings, I think they just stopped working in China. I can not seem to find any parts in stock. I am hoping to avoid e-bay, but will go there if needed. Thanks in advance from usually sunny AZ. (actually rained today :))

  2. steelfan41

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    I found the tensioner at www.pistonbikes.com for $12.95, also picked up the billet manifold for good measure! :)
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    can make a pretty good one for 50 cents ;)
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    Do tell...