Looking for a FRAME mounted rear tail light

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    Having a heck of a time too! Every rear light I find mounts to the seat post. I have a BIG home made bag under my seat and no way to put a light on or around that. I do have a rack on the back. Could mount one to that.
    Or... best bet would be a small light that I can mount to the rear support bar.
    Which is much narrower than the seat post and therein lies my problem.

    Found one that's really cool, and I could mount that to the rack, but it's only a dummy light. http://www.streetlowrider.com/store/popup_image.php/pID/859

    Here is another example of one that might work. BUT... this is a generator light, I don't want that. Just look at the tail light and see how it's mounted. I actually have this on my 10 speed. Simple metal bracket that allows me to swivel the light to what ever direction needed.

    Everything I find in a search has a big fat seat post bracket. GRRRR!