Looking for a Gas Tank

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  1. Black Rabbit

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    I seen a cylinder style gas tank on the back of a military looking bike and for the life of me can not find that picture again. It looked to be about 8" in diameter and about 16" in length. It laid on its' side and had the fill cap in the middle.

    If any one knows where to get one of these tanks; please put up a link. I would would really like one of these tanks for a future project.

  2. give me vtec

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    To the best of my knowledge they are old briggs & stratton tanks and are hard to find.

    this is the next best thing...

  3. Black Rabbit

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  4. Black Rabbit

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    I don't think I have enough posts to post a link. Anyhow I found what I was looking for at a site called justgastanks.com