Looking for a good cruiser any advice?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bikeguy217, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. bikeguy217

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    Hey gas bike fans I am on a quest to find a good cruiser bike for my next motorized bicycle protect. I want a classic style cruiser I can motorize without having to modify the engine mounts or the position of the gas tank or any other part.The motor I am using is a 66cc two stroke. I Would like a bike for around $200 because my budget on this protect is going to be between $400 to $500. So any suggestions?

  2. JJ 75d

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    Bikeguy. I've got am Electra Coaster 1. Made in Cali. It's got a offset crank and very relaxed geometry. Has larger balloned tires. nice running gear. Alum frame n all. Cost 347.00 out the door. Would highly reccomend it to anyone...
  3. bikeguy217

    bikeguy217 New Member

    I had an Electra coaster 1. It didn't fit the motor I had last time. Nice bike but the bottom frame tube had to much clearance for the front motor mount. I might try justbicycles.com for a budget cruiser. $345 is allot for my budget on this project.
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