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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by whizzer48, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. whizzer48

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    I have a old mountain bike and been looking to get a engine. All the China engine look the same. Need info what one not to buy. Thanks

    The type of riding will be use the engine for up hill then open clutch to ride a mount bike down hill.
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  2. geebt48cc

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    Hey there....................Ok, if you're smart, I would go with Grubee Skyhawk..............Uno, best bearings as well.........................
  3. Dilly Bar Rob

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    On road? Off road? Any legal size limitation?

    If size doesn't matter then you will probably be best off using an "80cc" (66,70 etc- they are all the same thing afaik) for hill climbing. I would recommend the "pk80" from zoombicycles.com / powerkingshop (ebay).

    If size does matter and you have to stay 50cc then the steel sleeved engine from "Boy go fast" on ebay seems like a decent engine that has the potential to last a while. Cheaper then a grubee.

    If you want even more power and are willing to spend a bit more money then a "souped up" version of one of these motors may be to your liking. "Rock Solid Engines", "Chris Hill" and other vendors sell these. The engines are the same but they modify them for more power, better reliability etc..

    For the ultimate hill climbing ability combine any of the above with a "shift kit" from "Sick Bike Parts" (SBP) - then you will be able to use your bicycles gears and upshift/downshift when necessary. For some extra pep you can install an expansion chamber from the same vendor.

    The search button is your friend :)
  4. whizzer48

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    Thanks for info. I think to get the biggest engine so it can climb hills. Mount the gas tank in the back rack. Just try to get a toy where I don't have to pay for tags every year.

    I was look at zoombicycles.com say $15 for pull start. If it don't have a pull start you clutch/pedal to start?
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  5. professor

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    Yes the usual way is to pedal start.
    Note that the stock cords are prone to break and you may need to spread the crank out to clear. But some guys are using them.
  6. Lazieboy

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    Good Motor

    Hey, Ive got a Grubee 66cc strait plug i've had real good luck and comes with usefull spare parts. Only been driving for less than 2 months but rode it hard and seems to get stronger when broken in. Two thumbs up.:cool:

  7. danlandberg

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    Get a slant head + a chamber, It will make a difference
  8. Fabian

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    Hi whizzer48

    This post will be short.

    It sounds like you are in a similar situation to me - lots of steep hills to climb.
    Please don't mess around with anything other than the SickBikeParts Shift Kit.

    Go to the website and order yourself the "Deluxe" Shift Kit


    and add to the order by purchasing the optional 9 tooth jackshaft sprocket and the 24 tooth and dished 30 tooth chainwheel sprockets.

    Using a single speed system if intending it for hill climbing or any other duties is a complete waste of time.
    I can make an authoritative comment as i've had first hand experience.

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  9. danlandberg

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    Right now I'm trying to get this engine to fit this ''D.I.Y.kit'' From Bike Berry. Don't get one of these! They do not fit together as a bolt and go, like they make it sound. I only got the kit because I have no place to do another build (It's in my managers kitchen) I'm buying everything to get this to work right. I can't afford the shift kit at this time (although I would love one) Just can't do it now! :(
  10. whizzer48

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    I think that mtb Rockhopper frame will match the engine. It try to get a engine if I do offroad that it don't blow up. The bike will be a slow pace motorcycle. I got a atv to go fast and it I can get the same feeling like the atv. The atv will be sold.

    I was look at a new rear hub for disk brake. Get a gear made to drop the speed down to 15/19 mph to get it more climb power. Also have it mounted to the rear hub where the disk brake rotor mounts.
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  11. danlandberg

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    Do you have any pics?
  12. whizzer48

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    Sorry no. I do have a engine yet and just in the planning stage right now.
    I want to upgrade the rear brake on mtb Cannondale. The brake rotor is 4 screws and they only sell the 6 screw brake rotors. So the hub need to be replace.
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