Looking for a good price on a Honda GXH50 or to trade for other engine

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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for a Honda GXH50 engine. Currently on the way from North America to the tip of Argentina and need to replace my current engine. Check it out at thirstybike.org

    I have a brand new Subru Robins eho35 or a Tanaka PF4000 with an HP carb and Jucie Box from ADA racing I can trade.



    You can also email me at thirstybike@gmail.com

  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Here is the cheapest price on a new Honda 50

    Where are you now?
  3. Tanstaafl

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    No doubt you have heard the cons as to what you are attempting to do, but will throw mine in the mix.

    Crossing Mexico? IMPO, you are either very naive, or totally foolhardy, but in truth it matters not a whit, either could bring you to grief very quickly. Mexico is a lawless failed Narco State, with all that implies, a great many people there who will do you harm for no logical reason. In their eyes you are a simply a Gringo, exist and are there, so, why not. Aside from the narco gangs, there are more than a few in the police and military who would think nothing of giving you short shrift in a heartbeat

    Living here in AZ, I follow the violence in Mexico closely, and there is no way in Hades would I now cross that border. Senseless violence on a massive scale has now become a way of life in that country,
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    Double on what Tanstaafl stated.
  5. Silvaire

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    I have a clean, low time GXH50 I would sell for $150 plus shipping. As I am in northern California, the shipping would be pretty reasonable.

    The only concern is that it has a smooth tapped 15mm output shaft. Most folks here need a GXH50 with a 5/8" keyed shaft. This engine came off a Honda pump that had failed.

    I went to your website but couldn't see what sort of drive you were using. Depending on your drive system and your machining capability, working with this engine may or may not be of interest to you, but I just thought I would offer it.

    Regarding travel to Mexico:
    I too would be very wary of traveling there, and especially so if traveling remote areas alone. In years past I have spent maybe 6 months total in northern and central and the Yucatan, both driving and by public transportation. In general, I have found Mexicans to be very friendly, helpful and understanding once you get away from the border and tourist areas. However with the lawlessness and the drug and criminal element now so prevalent and powerful, I am no longer willing to travel there. Just one more word of caution...
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    Silvaire does staton sell an adapter for that shaft?
  7. Silvaire

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    I have no idea - you'd have to check with him.
  8. darwin

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    Reason for asking is if that would help OP out if he used your motor.
  9. I didn't realize I had notifications to this thread. Engine issue is solved, thanks guys.

    Regarding Mexico: I am well aware of what is basically an active war zone in the north and I have talked to a large number of people who have traveled through Mexico overland recently, mainly cyclist, and the vast majority say that they are just floored by how nice and hospitable everyone is. I had a female friend cycle through Central America, mostly solo, and who is working her way through South America now.
    I realize there is a lot of violence in Northern Mexico but most of it is with people involved with the narcos and the war on drugs. My plan is to get out of the north as quickly as possible. Plus, I typically avoid large urban areas where the majority of violent crime occurs. I have been in some very dangerous situations all around the globe including some unstable political situations that required quick thinking and action to make it out. I'm certainly not new to being the foreigner.

    So Tanstaafl, call me naive or foolhardy but also call the thousands of cyclist that bike the Pan American highway every year, Alaska to Argentina, foolhardy as well. Children 12 and 13 years old have recently done the entire thing, 18,000+ miles.

    IMPO I would be naive and foolhardy if I listened to the very small minority of people telling me to give up on something I have spent so much time and effort getting off of the ground.
  10. Silvaire that is a great deal on that Honda but I ended up with a Super Titan and am pretty happy with it so far.
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    robin subaru 35

    Can you pm me the details on the robin subaru?
    thank you.