Looking for a good trike for $300-$400


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Jun 29, 2008
I just ordered a 70cc engine kit and i'm looking for a good trike to put it on for around $300-$400. I was looking at this trike from Wal-Mart but i'm not sure it can handle the 30+ mph speeds, I want something that can handle the speed.
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i'd have to say that you will need to be very critically cautious with any choice of upright delta (2 wheels in back) trike.

even the recumbent longwheel base units have a level of top steering and "crab walking" on off camber (sloped ) surfaces.

i might build a trike on eday but it will be a recumbent tadpole design (2 wheels in front) design.

there is a fantastic thread here on the forum showing just that kind of build by alaskavan. very well done and great pics and even some video.

bottom line : i would never be able to do 30mph on anything like what you have shown, and i have alot of fast motorcycle experience ie. hanging off the side with an knee on the pavement cornering type stuff.

BUT, maybe 30mph is optimstic on your part and you'll be going mostly straight ahead and turning at traffic light speeds ?

go over to the 'picture gallery" scroll down to "my next project - Tadpole Trike"

good luck,
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Just to be a contrarian: My imagination is stimulated by the idea of taking that Delta trike, stretching it so the engine would sit behind the present position of the seat post, drop the seat down to just above the present bottom bracket, mount a new BB up by the goose neck (routing the chain down under the seat), replace the front forks with good suspension (20" - 24"), slap a 20" front tire on it, 26"s on the back :cool:. I think you could achieve reasonable stability, though I doubt you'd get the cornering ability of the tadpole.

The basic problem with the handling of the Delta is (IMO) the high center of gravity. And I can testify that no matter where you're generally carrying your COG, if you get wild enough, it will probably end up on the pavement. BTDT.

So many projects, so little time. I hope someone does it though.
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