Looking for a long and skinny gas tank- see picture!

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    hey guys,

    I havent posted in a really.. really long time haha. But Im trying to find a gas tank like the one in the picture. Im having a hard time coming across one for sale online. Please look at the picture attached so you see what I mean. Thanks for any help i get!

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    You might want to start looking for tanks from small-bore vintage road racers. Here's a tank from a 1962 Honda CR 110 that might work -


    Fiberglass repros are still available from AirTech -



    for the bargain basement price of only $376.76. And the "Monza-style" flip-up gas cap is only $120 extra. Any motorcycle junk yards in your area?

    BTW - I have a friend who does fiberglass work. Recently I loaned him one of my rare, original Bonanza mini-bike gas tanks and he splashed a mold off it and is producing some very nice repros. If you happen to find an interesting tank like this, let me know and we can crank them out by the dozens for a very reasonable cost. :grin5:
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    Did you find the gas tank? Do you have a 1962 honda cr110? We have one and parts are difficult to find. pat@nyswonger.org
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