looking for a quality analog speedo

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Mike Hunt, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Mike Hunt

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    i currently have the taiwanese analog speedo for 26/27 inch wheels. the reset knob fell off from the vibration and i'm pretty sure its not showing the right speed, it often goes straight past the maximum indicated speed of 60 km/h when i'm not going at maximum speed. i need something more robust and accurate.
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  2. loquin

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    The chrome whizzer speedo is nice.
  3. Zev0

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    Nice, steady and reliable. I have almost 3000 miles on mine now without a problem. Pricey, but VERY good. Don't get the black plastic whizzer one, same problem as the cheapo's. Get the chrome.
  4. Mike Hunt

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    where can i find this? can i use the same cable that came with the taiwan speedo?
  5. loquin

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  6. Mike Hunt

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    thats awsome except they dont ship to canada
  7. loquin

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    Mike, send a private message (PM) to motorbikemike. He may be able to help you out.

    If he can't, you could try contacting some of the whizzer dealers in states adjoining Canada

    You're probably going to want the entire kit (#37200PA.) It's only about $10 more, and that gets you the metal sender and a bracket that you KNOW will work with the speedo. BTW - the whizzer speedo has a 12V bulb inside for night riding.

    I spent a few minutes with google maps, USPS.Gov (getting zip codes) and the whizzer site dealer locator, and put together a list of a few vendors in the Michigan/Ohio area.

    FYI - if you want to check other states, use the link below, and replace the two X's with the 2 character state code. OH, MI, WI, MN, ND, PA etc. There are no dealers in New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine, btw.

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    The cure for: "we do not ship to Canada"
    Lots of vendors ship their products to their customers in the lower 48 for free.
    Some vendors do not ship to Canada at all.
    What you need is a USA address with someone who will get it through customs and ship it on to you.
    If you are in the West use these guys: http://www.dykpost.com/shipping
    If you are in the East use these guys: http://www.cpxpress.ca/
    Now you can shop Ebay, Amazon.com and the lower 48 without event.
    Get your stuff while saving hundreds on shipping and brokerage fees.
    This is typical on Amazon...."This item does not ship to Melfort, Canada. Please check other sellers who may ship internationally. Learn more"
    $279.99 + $153.27 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Canada Details
    I ordered a set of fender flairs for a truck off of Ebay.
    They cost $119 US
    Shipping to Canada was $125 US
    An extra $31 CDN at the border for tax and duty (made in Singapore)
    By the time the till quit ringing it was $351.00 CDN
    I could have saved over a $100 CDN if I had used the above peoples service.
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