Looking for a rack-mounted gas tank

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    I want to find a metal, rack-mounted gas tank for a 4-stroke, hybrid bike build. I've searched on this forum and have found previous recommendations to be outdated (Spooky Tooth, for one), and Dax lists one on its site, but it's out of stock. (Attached photo shows the tank that Dax offers.)

    Any current recommendations on where I can buy a metal, rack-mounted gas tank?


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  2. Do you want new or used because if you want to find one cheap, try looking in scrap of junkyards. You can usually find a fair tank for nothing.
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    Just in case you change your mind on plastic check out staton, type gas tank into search feature you'll see a sweet 96oz gas tank that will let you ride to chicago and back.
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    Thanks, guys.

    loquin: that 3.3 quart tank at Burden Sales Co. is ideal. I can easily color match it to my bike's frame, and fabricate a nice bracket. And only $14.95?! Excellent! Many thanks for the suggestion. I'm ordering it right now...